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  • Good Eats in Champaign!!

    Graduate school can be very stressful at times and one of the best ways to calm yourself before, after, or during these stressful times is food.  Food is one of the best ways to calm down the nerves and relax, but its important that its GOOD food! During my 4 years here at the university, I was able to dine-in at many restaurants, and I want to share what I consider to be some of the gems!

  • Like a Good Neighbor...

    The MSTM program brings in speakers from industry to help supplement what we learn in the classroom. The State Farm presentation gave me very valuable insight on why these company events are offered to students in the program. Read more to hear about my experience!

  • An Evening of Etiquette and Elegance

    Learning the finer details of dinner etitquette can come in very handy for business dinners and everyday life. Read more about how the MSTM program prepared us for these future experiences!

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