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  • My desired competence level in business

    With each class session I realize how close I am getting to my desired level of competence in business. Especially now, in spring semester, when everything that we learned in the past is becoming linked to a bigger picture.

  • Robert Bosch Tool Corporation - Field Trip

    In my last blog, I mentioned how the MS-TM program is designed to help educate students. Two weeks ago, we had Jack Berg, the presenter from John Deere and just this last week we had an opportunity to visit Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. While at Bosch we caught a glimpse into what the cooperate world looks like. For over 60 years the company has outfitted professional tradesmen with premium quality bits and blades designed to meet rugged jobsite requirements Bosch, which is one of the largest power tool accessories brands in the world. It has its Headquarters of North America based in Chicago. It also has brands like Vermont American, Rotozip, Dremel and Skill that are a part of Robert Bosh Tool Corporation.

  • John Deere

    The MS Tech Mgmt program is designed to learn new things, whether its in classes, field trips or frontiers, where we have guest speakers, sharing their knowledge and experience with us. And one of the presenters we had recently was Jack W. Berg, the Director of Supply Management for the John Deere Worldwide Parts Services Group. Jack directs material management functions related to forecasting, scheduling and distribution of current and non-current service parts. Jack has long history with John Deere. He joined as an Industrial Engineer at the John Deere Harvester Works. Jack has held positions in manufacturing engineering, supplier development, project management, supply management and order fulfillment.

  • Finding a Job in a Tough Economy

    An unusual search strategy to find a job by one of the recent MS-Tech Mgmt graduate.

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