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  • My MSTM Family

    Hello, I am Jeff Hampson current student in the class of 2010. I have a little over eleven years of experience in information technology. Roughly the first seven years of my career were at least 80% technical; hands-on programming, networking LAN/WAN/Wireless, phones, software/hardware support, basically everything IT, and then 20% business; project management, budgeting, and presentations. Since I made the move to a primarily management side of IT about four to five years ago that ratio has been reversed. I got to a point in my career where I needed a Masters degree to really provide that upper management foundation and structure to support my future growth. The MS-TM program has provided that and I am very proud to have been a part of it. I received my Undergrad from Illinois State University in Industrial Computer Systems and my Associates degree in Computer Networking from Parkland College.

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