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    Almost every Friday has had a Fieldtrip, a Guest Speaker or a Workshop. Fridays are fun. It was a cold November Friday morning, short trip to nearby town Rantoul. But not short of fun and enthusiasm. The brief overview session about JELD-WEN by senior managers gave us an idea about their History, Corporate, Product line, Operations and everyday Challenges.

  • 8 Weeks of MSTM Program in UIUC College of Business!

    As much as people get used to coffee, MSTM in UIUCs College of Business is an addiction in ways people have to find out with experience.

  • so many choices, so little time

    Multinational Management. Operations Strategy. Negotiations. Sustainable Marketing Enterprises. IT & E-Business Strategy. Decision Support and Knowledge Management. These are just some of the elective topics we are allowed to take next semester. Choices are a plenty, but decision in what to take is really difficult. So far we've had a lot of useful classes that I am sure will be useful in the professional world. Coming from an engineering background, all the classes in marketing, statistics, accounting, managing innovation, and process management this semester, as well as basic finance and supply chain management required next semester have already expanded my knowledge so much. The question is right now which of these electives should I choose.

  • Trip to Motorola Inc.

    Frontier of Technology of October 29th was quite exciting for MSTMs students because we were going to one of the most innovative companies in the United States, Motorola. However, many of us didnt even know half of all innovative achievements that Motorola has in its record and I bet that you didnt know either until this blog. The bus departed on time at 8:00 a.m. from BIF and we arrived at 11:00 a.m. to Motorolas headquarters office at Schaumburg, Illinois. Once we got in, the first thing that we saw at the lobby was a car from the 1930s. All of us wondered the reason why that was there and as you might not know either, Motorola introduced the first car radio in the 1930s. After that all of us were surprised about Motorolas first invention, we listened to a brief lecture given by Avani Lombardi a U of I alum, about Motorolas corporate overview. In this lecture she talked about the culture within Motorola, diversity and even job opportunities; moreover, Motorolas plan of separation into two, independent, publicly traded companies: Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Mobile Devices and Home. Besides, Motorola will sell its GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, WiMAX and LET businesses to Nokia Siemens Networks by the end of this year. We ate lunch at Motorolas Cafeteria while we were listening to Teri Valentine, Corporate Vice President & Director of Audit Services. She gave us a deep insight about Motorolas businesses, competitors, sales channels and financial information about the company. At the end we had a tour through Motorolas Innovation Center where we could test some of their variety of products from a two-way radio for firefighters to barcode scanners devices and from the radio headsets for American football coaches to digital video recorders. This was a very instructive trip where we figured out that Motorola has a wide variety of products in the market besides its mobile business and the fact that it has many innovations achievements in their record. Finally but not least was the fact that Motorola asked for updated resumes of MSTM students; so maybe future MSTM students will receive one of the lectures from a 2011 alum in your trip to Motorola the next year!! Here I leave you the list of Motorolas innovations since its beginnings: 1928 Company founded 1930 First Motorola brand car radio 1931 First Motorola public safety radio sales 1939 First Motorola two-way radio 1943 Worlds first FM portable two-way radio 1956 First Motorola pager 1969 First words from the moon relayed by a Motorola radio 1973 Portable cellular system demonstration 1980 First handheld laser bar code scanner 1983 Worlds first commercial portable cellular phone and Motorolas first cellular system 1990 Worlds first HDTV technical standard (General Instrument) 1991 Worlds first GSM cellular system 1991 Worlds first dual-mode cellular phone 1995 Worlds first two-way pager 2000 Worlds first commercial GPRS (general packet radio service) cellular network and phone 2002 Worlds first wireless cable modem gateway 2002 First Motorola 3G nationwide network 2002 First wireless switch 2004 Iconic RAZR V3 wireless phone introduced 2005 MOTOMESH broadband radio network introduced 2006 MING smart phone with Chinese handwriting recognition introduced 2007 Worlds first WiMAX 802.16e mobile handoffs 2008 Industrys first CDMA EVDO Rev A to LTE network handoff and industrys first over-the-air LTE session in 700MHz spectrum 2009 Industrys first Project 25 complete multi-band subscriber family of radios (APX) and worlds first WiMAX-based Electric Utility Smart Metering application Source:

  • Etiquette Dinner

    Etiquette Dinner

    The lectures taught us the concepts of business The Etiquette Dinner taught us appropriate behavior as businessmen To be ladies and gentlemen at the dinner table We learned how to properly use knives, forks, and spoons We learned how to toast our hosts and guest politely Although these lessons are miscellaneous, they are important!

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