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  • State Farm Case Competition

    State Farm, one of the largest insurer in the United States, with more offices than there are McDonals and Starbucks, a company that is regarded as very traditional and conservative is now taking a path of innovations and technology. It held Case Competition for our program, where students needed to come up with some innovative ideas for the company. It was a great chance for our classmates to put their creativity, and everything that they learned in class (Marketing, Finance, and Managing Innovations) into practice.

  • Beer Game

    give me 8 cases, i mean 20, i mean 40!

    We had this additional Supply Chain Management class on a Friday a few weeks ago called the Beer Game. As much as we all dread a Friday evening class, the turn out and experience were unexpectedly fun. Granted there was no actual beer involved (which would have helped a Friday evening class after such a busy week schedule), but we left the session learning a lot about key supply chain principles.

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