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  • Midterm behind :)

    Hi all. Sorry, I havent written for a while but we have been busy with midterms and the Idea to Product (I2P) competition which was a challenge for my team JIA. Today is Friday and the weather is pleasant. The weather is cooling and we know that it will not be long before the snow comes so we are enjoying this time outside with classmates or celebrating with families Happy Diwali, which is basically the festival of light (Indian culture). Again, go and enjoy your free time!!! In general, Midterms were really challenging for our classmates as it was the first time many of us had taken exams in a long time. Leadership class was really interesting especially the case study regarding Nokias current financial problems (check out Google finance).

  • Starting your career at University of Illinois!!!

    Have you thought about your future career? Dont worry University of Illinois has a really great career services. They provide students with mock interviews, information sessions, workshops, and career fairs to prepare students for a bright future. This fall, I attended the engineering career fair, engineering expo, and business career fair. There are approximately 500 companies that attend the career fairs. The career fairs are so crowded and busy with a lot of students that try to get a chance to talk with the recruiters. For the students that just came to the United States, this fall might be the busiest time ever. They not only have to do school chores and adapt to the new environment, but also need to think about their future. However, they do not want to let go this opportunity. Be brave talking with the company representatives because this will be an unforgettable experience. For me, this opportunity of talking with the company representatives is exciting. I get a chance to get to know about different company cultures and the position that I am interested in more. I love to hear about the recruiters working experience and challenges they might encounter at work. If we are good enough for the position the recruiters offer, they might call us for interview. First interview is usually held in campus and it mostly covers behavioral questions. The content and amount of interviews might vary depending on the companys culture. Wear business formal, be familiar with the companies condition, do some research before career fairs, make a good relationship with the recruiters, a firm shake hand, and eye contact are the key to be successful in career fairs. Be confident and see your future brightly through University of Illinois career fairs!

  • Frontiers team building!

    On Friday, August 26 the MSTM program candidates, both the advancement track and graduate track participated in an all-day team building activity. Teams are an important aspect of any organization; this activity taught us the importance of teambuilding and how to start building unity within our fall teams and with our MSTM class.

  • SummerTime...the beginning

    We are the first bunch of fresh talent being experimented with in the MS-TM program starting this summer. From my view this was the perfect time, at least for Internationals to be launched into US. It was a peaceful and calm semester, contrasting a hectic fall. There were pleasant days, except for the few one-hundred degree days. This was first time in my life took I an online course which began my journey in this tech-advanced nation. In spite of having a technical background; I had already started thinking business with the Intro to Business course. Understanding U of I, MSTM, Champaign-Urbana, I considered myself lucky landing at right place. Just yesterday, I was sitting with a counselor in India and discussing universities far away which seemed like a dream but now is a reality from what I am experiencing here.

  • MSTM Goes to the Illinois vs. ASU Football Game

    Hello! I am very excited to be bringing you my first contribution to this years MS-TM blog, and it concerns the recent Illinois vs. Arizona State football game at Memorial Stadium on September 17th. The program purchased a large block of tickets so that, as a group, we might continue to build relationships with each other both inside and outside our classroom experiences.

  • First 5 weeks

    Today, almost first 5 weeks, my classmates and I are still alive. It was a good 5 weeks. The beginning of the program was pretty nice: presentations of different services and courses, leisurely breakfasts and lunches, reviewing workshop about economics and statistics. Team-building, which I never had before, is an awesome experience. We really plunged in depth into ourselves; trying to understand the connection between each other's behaviors. We learned how to build a great team by understanding each other and our role within a group. Over time, my class realized the utility of such play. Honesty and forgiveness help build a strong team. As the semester goes on it becomes more exhausting and the homework increases; more and more material to cover and more must be integrated. We have already begun with business school cases that cover a wide range of issues, in which we need to make decisions on what companies should do or not do. On the other hand, progress is being made: Jag, Divya, Indra, Poon, another awesome guy and me have already read the cases for the Marketing class. Successfully we passed two quizzes in the Accounting class. On Saturday, September 17, our class had a tailgating event before the football game. Once again I was surprised by the cultural aspect of the tailgate event. Hanz brought sushi, which seemed to be the first ever sushi of any kind at a tailgate in the history of the USA. That was an awesome time. So now we know how it is/looks like when time is catastrophically not enough, we are learning at warp speed as the volume of task increases with each passing week, and so little time to relax and just hang out with friends. This is MSTM at Illinois.

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