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    In March, we had the privilege of attending a presentation given by Matt O’Toole from Deloitte & Touche, LLP.  During this presentation, Matt provided a great overview of Deloitte’s professional service market offerings and of their IT Security & Privacy practice, in particular.  Myself, as well as my fellow classmates, were thrilled to learn about real-life issues surrounding SAP implementation and other application integrity projects that Matt is truly an expert on.

    Last summer I actually have had the opportunity to job shadow Matt as an intern in Deloitte’s Security & Privacy market offering.  As an intern, I gained knowledge not only of consulting and technology security issues but of the professional services industry, in general.  My first project involved performing a security architecture review of a utility company while my second project involved performing a business impact analysis for a health care provider.  Both projects offered a new perspective on the challenges and opportunities that technology presents in the workplace and provided me with a great foundation to apply what I am learning in the classroom.

    Throughout the three months that I interned at Deloitte, I had the privilege of meeting countless professionals and interns from around the world and a number of interesting clients.  I participated in an intern conference in Lake Geneva with more than two hundred and fifty Deloitte interns from the Midwest region and, on June 10th, I participated in Deloitte’s annual Impact Day where every employee takes a break from work in order to participate in community service.  I spent the day at McCormick Elementary School with the other Chicago interns as we painted murals, cleaned the library, and organized games for the students.

    This internship provided valuable experiences in technology consulting and professional services, in general, that will stay with me for the rest of my life.  In particular, this internship has proved a useful reference for thinking critically about our MSTM teachings.  Regarding process management, for instance, it helped me draw connections between the concept of “bottlenecks” and “capacity” as they relate with data backups for recovery databases.  I remember a particular client who used microwave transmission to transfer backups because of the huge data capacity it could handle despite all the downsides--low range and need for line-of-sight to where it’s being transmitted too!  In other classes, it was interesting to draw upon experiences with my project teams during the internship in relation to encouraging creativity and innovation and employee motivation, just to name a few.

    Overall, I feel lucky to have been a part of Deloitte’s summer 2011 intern class and I look forward to returning to the firm as a full-time consultant after graduation.

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