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  • Using Log4Perl

    I've recently started using Log4Perl library more extensively, for both version 2 of the New List and to a more limited extent in the data feeds. It's useful enought I thought I'd describe how I'm using it here.

  • Scrolling RSS Feed for Journal/Article requests

    This is poor man's visualization (Remember the plasma screen at grainger? The data is updated every minute. These are recent OpenURL full text requests sent to the SFX server. The SFX data gets transformed into a rss feed and then the javascript in the webpage displays it in the scrolling format.

  • Reimagining LibNews

    Stemming from a meeting where individuals started complaining, Robert Slater and I began throwing some ideas out about how we might correct the issues that were aired regarding LibNews. After the initial brainstorm, we included Jason Strutz for his perspective and I think we all came to the conclusion and agreed that LibNews has issues and we should be able to do something about it. The question remains though, how should it be corrected? We'd like to gather your feedback on issues that you'd like to see corrected and any suggestions as to how you would fix things. We'd appreciate feedback for the next two weeks (12-24) at which we can synthesize all the complaints and solutions and propose a remedy.

  • Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7

    I recently got a new workstation with Windows 7. I thought I would share a few issues I have run into in switching my Visual Studio development environment over to the new workstation. As I run into interesting new problems, I might post more about them.