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  • Undergraduate Research Assistant Needed: Chemistry, Prof. Grubele's Lab

    Project Description: Polyaniline-based membranes: development, characterization and applications

    Doped polyaniline is probably the most popular electroconductive and redox active polymer. We have studied physicochemical properties of polyaniline membranes, and have demonstrated that it is possible to conduct transmembrane redox reactions between two aqueous solutions. Donor and acceptor of electrons are separated, they are not mixed, but still react, even at neutral pH. It means that the products do not have to be separated and purified after reaction.

    In addition, transport of electrons leads to the transmembrane voltage, which may be used in electrochemical redox sensors for biomedical, environmental and food applications. Paper covered with polyaniline becomes electroconductive, and may be used in bendable batteries. There are many other possible applications.

    This project is an excellent opportunity in gaining experience working with this new and interesting material. You will work in the Chemistry Department, in a lab of Professor Martin Gruebele under direct supervision of an experienced PhD, and will use a broad set of modern physicochemical methods, including spectroscopy and electrochemistry.


    - Knowledge of general and physical chemistry
    - Introductory level lab experience

    Interested applicants, please contact

    Dr. Nikolai Kocherginsky (Researcher, Department of Chemistry)

  • College of Engineering Courses for Undergrad Researchers - Fall 2017

    1-credit hour
    214 Ceramics Building
    Meets October 23 to December 13
    TR, 12:30-1:45PM

    Essentials of safe laboratory practice. Topics include chemical, electrical, biological and radiation safety, waste disposal and fire hazards. Lecture and demonstration format. Essential for students who will perform undergraduate research in a laboratory. Restricted to students in the Engineering College. Physics, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Agrkcultural & Biological Enginerring and Chamistry: contact instructor for override. 

    1-credit hour
    106B3 Engineering Hall
    Wednesdays, 12:00-12:50PM

    This course will introduce undergraduate students to how engineers and scientists approach research, communicate their ideas and results, and are trained. The course will spotlight some of the engineering research currently on campus (monthly luncheons) and provide some background preparation for students interested in taking part in research as an undergraduate. This course is open to all undergraduates in science, technology, engineering, and math. It is designed to complement your research experience!

    1-credit hour
    Meets August 28 to October 20
    Wednesdays, 11:00-11:50AM

    This course will introduce undergraduate students to advanced degrees and how to best prepare for the application process. The course will provide opportunities to explore graduate programs, develop application materials, and understanding funding mechanisms. Intended for juniors and advanced sophomores. Restricted to undergraduate engineering students.

  • Research Experiences for Undergraduates at UC Irvine

    Cultivating the IoT-Enabled Smart Community (IoT-SITY)
    June 25 - August 18, 2017
    Application Deadline: Monday, May 1st at 11:59 PM PST 



    - 8-weeks of research experience
    - Hands-on research guided by faculty, mentors,  and graduate students
    - Guest speakers, lab tours, and field trips
    - $4,000 stipend plus room and board
    - Travel allowance (up to $600)


    - Computer Architecture and Design
    - Cyber-physical Systems
    - Embedded Systems
    - Human Computer Interaction
    - Transportation Systems
    - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    - Hydrologic System Modeling
    - Multimedia Computing Networks and Distributed Systems
    - Intelligent Structure

  • Participate in a study on race and social media and earn $15

    *Participate in a study on race and social media and earn $15*

    Are you an undergraduate student at UIUC?Do you self-identify as African American/Black, Asian American, Caucasian/White, or Hispanic/Latino?

    Do you use social media?If you answered "yes" to all three of these questions, we would like to invite you to participate in a 90-min. focus group that explores your experiences with race- and ethnicity-related content on social media.

    Participants will be provided food and compensated $15 for their participation.

    If you are interested in participating in a focus group in April, please click on the following link:

    For Questions, Contact:

    Cabral Bigman, PhD
    Department of Communication

    Shardé Smith, PhD
    Department of African American Studies

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant Needed: Leckband Group

    Project Description: Build and incorporate a Labview interface for the operation of an instrument, the Surface Force Apparatus. The interface must operate the components (camera, motors etc), provide relevant readings, and process/analyze data in real time. Side work will include assisting in operating the intrument for conducting experiments when necessary. Main focus however will be on building and finetuning the interface.


    Must have Lab
    View knowledge and experience
    Have taken and passed general chemistry courses
    Proficient in MatLab (preferred)
    General programming knowledge (preferred)
    Experience with hardware communication and interfacing (preferred)

    Submit the following to apply

    - Resume - include relevant courses taken and corresponding grades AND expected graduation date
    - Undergraduate Research Statement (less than 2 pages; double-spaced)
    - Include prior research experiences, how long you plan on working on this project, future summer plans
    - Address the following
    -- Why do you wish to conduct undergraduate research?
    -- What are you hoping to get out of undergraduate research?
    -- Ideally, what do you want to do after graduation? (e.g., grad school, industry, professional school)

    Please contact

    Jason Madinya (Graduate Student, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
    Leckband Group

  • International Engineering Research Abroad


    The College of Engineering International Programs in Engineering (IPENG) is still accepting applications for summer research opportunities in the following countries:

    South Korea
    Taiwan (Junior standing preferred)

    All research is reviewed by chief department advisors upon return to campus to determine if you will receive technical credit.

    Applications Due: April 1, 2017
    For more details about research abroad opportunities, please visit the IPENG Office at 210 Engineering Hall.

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant Needed: Selvin Group

    Project Description: Single molecule study of Kinesin and Dynein motors in vivo and in vitro. We will use fluorescence microscopy and cell biology techniques for studying the behavior of molecular motors of the cell. You will learn about the biology of molecular motors, optical microscopy and single molecule studies.


    - Strong interest in biophysics research
    - Desire to learn new things
    - Must be willing to work hard
    - Physics, biophysics, bioengineering, or chemical and biomolecular engineering majors (preferred)
    - Have taken Physics 475 and Physics 598 BP (preferred)
    - With previous biology/biophysics experience (preferred)

    Submit the following to apply

    - Curriculum vitae
    - Unofficial transcript

    Please contact

    Saurabh Shukla (Graduate Student, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Biophysics)

  • Illinois Cyber Security Scholars Program

    ICSSP is a scholarship for service program intended for students interested in specializing in cybersecurity and who want to work for the government upon graduation. Accepted students receive an amazing scholarship that includes a full tuition water plus a generous stipend to support educational expenses. Typically we offer the scholarship for a student's in their last 2 years of a degree program and in return, these scholars need to work for the government for the number of years they receive the scholarship.

    We are currently accepting applications now through March 31, 2017

  • INFO 490 Makerspace Studio Classes

    Markerspace Studio Classes at the CU Fab Lab

    Explore your creative side in one of these hands-on Makerspace Studio Classes.

    Learn to use digital fabrication tools like: electronic cutters, laser cutters, small electronics, digital embroidery machines, and 3D printers.

    Curiousity and playfulness encouraged. Artistic talent not required!

    Digital Fabrication Rapid Prototyping: Section A includes an emphasis on iteration and self-directed learning through making. Students will complete and present an independent project at the end of the course that combines multiple tool areas.

    Section A: Iterative ProjectCRN 65245
    FALL 2017

    Makerspaces in Schools, Libraries, & Museums: Section B includes an emphasis on community engagement in makerspaces. Students in this section will evaluate makerspace curricula for classrooms, libraries, and museums and will have the opportunity to conduct a workshop with our community partners.

    Section B: Community Engagement
    CRN 68131
    FALL 2017

  • 2017-2018 HENAAC Scholarship Application

    Have you submitted your HENAAC scholarship application yet? Don't delay, submit TODAY! The Great Minds in STEM™ (GMiS) 2017 HENAAC Scholarship Application Portal is Now Open!

    DEADLINE11:59 PM PST, April 30, 2017

    Graduating high school seniors, undergraduate students and graduate students, who intend to or are currently pursuing a science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) degree at an accredited college/university in the U.S. or Puerto Rico, are encouraged to apply for these merit-based scholarships. Students must have an overall minimum 3.0 GPA and must be of Hispanic descent or demonstrate strong leadership or service within the Hispanic community.

    Scholarship awards range from $500 - $10,000.

    Scholarship recipients will be invited to attend the 29TH HENAAC Conference, from October 18 – 22, 2017, in Pasadena, CA. Great Minds in STEM subsidizes over $850 in registration, travel and housing for the Scholars to attend this conference, where they will meet their sponsors, be awarded their scholarship and formally recognized as new members of the GMiS Scholars Society.

    Types of scholarships:

    • Corporate/Government Sponsored Scholarships – These scholarships are made possible thanks to our dedicated scholarship sponsors from corporate America, federal agencies and affinity groups.

    Special Recognition Scholarships

    • Intel Scholarship – These highly-competitive $10,000 scholarships are awarded to qualified graduate students pursuing a computer science, IT or related software development degree. Recipients may also have the opportunity to receive a Letter of Intent from Intel. 

    • U.S. Navy STEM Scholarship - These highly-competitive $10,000 scholarships are awarded to qualified graduating high school seniors, who have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and will be pursuing a STEM degree at a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI). During their first semester in college, these scholars have the opportunity to apply for the Student Employment Program, which provides them a summer internship and continued funding through their undergraduate career, so long as the student maintains a competitive GPA.

    In Memoriam and Personal Scholarships - Great Minds in STEM awards some very special scholarships, which have been established in the loving memory of an endeared supporter of GMiS or have been established by long-time supporters and dear friends of GMiS.  Scholarships begin at $500.

    Please visit the GMiS website to learn more about the various types of scholarship

    Apply Now