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  • Paper: DNA may have only modest impact on sexual assault arrests

    Crime labs’ DNA testing may influence arrests in just a small number of sexual assault cases, suggests a new study led by University of Illinois social work senior research specialist Theodore P. Cross.  

  • Critter cam: Red-tailed hawk found in a cornfield unable to fly

    The finder brought him to a raptor rehabilitator, who then transferred the hawk to us for medical treatment.

  • Meet the novelist and alumnus who fans say saved "Star Wars"

    Chicago Tribune (May 22) — Zahn grew up in Lombard and studied physics at Illinois, but almost no one mentioned it at C2E2, a massive Chicago comic book convention, or seemed aware this was a homecoming.

  • Cowbird moms choosy when selecting foster parents for their young

    Despite their reputation as uncaring, absentee moms, cowbird mothers are capable of making sophisticated choices among potential nests in order to give their offspring a better chance of thriving, a new study shows.

  • Illini golf set for 10th straight NCAA championship appearance May 26

    The 2017 NCAA Men's Golf Championship will be held at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, Illinois, May 26-31.

  • Study: Street gangs, crime serve as deviant leisure activities for youths

    Although at-risk youths may have a variety of reasons for joining street gangs, a new study suggests that gang membership and criminal acts often serve as deviant leisure activities, fulfilling young people’s needs for excitement, a sense of belonging and social support.

  • Reaping rewards of the university's largest solar array

    By using the energy collected from the solar farm, Illinois pushes toward its pledge of being carbon neutral by 2050, a goal set in 2008.

  • Illini in Nicaragua

    At the stadium, we interacted and played with the local girls as the Nicaraguan SWB coaches ran practice. We did passing patterns, scrimmages, and technical dribbling drills. 

  • Cuban Illini, since 1908

    Since at least 1908, Cuban students have been attending the University of Illinois.