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  • The Gift of King Charles III of Spain to James Harris, later First Earl of Malmesbury

    Juan de Iriarte y Cisneros (1702-1771) was able to complete only one substantial volume of his bibliography of Greek manuscripts in the Spanish Royal Library in Madrid. When curator Bruce Swann decided to transfer the Classics Library's copy of Regiae bibliothecae Matritensis codices Graeci mss. (Madrid, 1769) to the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, he noticed a Latin inscription on the fly-leaf (see image).

  • Thanks for making the Non Solus Blog opening a success!

    Last Wednesday afternoon, friends of the Non Solus Blog gathered to celebrate the opening of an exhibition in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library to promote the blog. The event was a great success and was attended by many people, including a group of African librarians who were visiting the Mortenson Center, several charter members of the University of Illinois Library Friends, and an original contributor to the Non Solus journal, retired University Archivist Maynard Britchford. All counted, more than 50 people attended and took part in hand-printing bookmarks, perusing copies of the original Non Solus journal, and viewing the items from the blog in the RBML display cases. Thanks to everyone who attended for making the event a success! For those of you unable to attend the opening, we hope you will be able to view the exhibition, open now through August 24th.

  • James Gibbs, Clock and Watch Maker at Stockton upon Tees

    Two paper objects (pictured here) were found laid in to the Library's copy of M. Blundeuile his exercises, i.e. Thomas Blundeville's Exercises, 4th ed., London, 1613 (IUA01629). At first it was thought that these might be parts that had become detached from a volvelle on p. 301 of the Exercises. However, closer examination shows that these pieces are not part of this book at all. The diagram on p. 301 calls only for a calculating thread, not for a volvelle or pointer. Although the thread is missing from this volume, one can be found in the Library's copy of the 7th edition of Blundeville's Exercises, London, 1636 (IUA01630).

  • Non Solus: Gala Exhibition Opening

    Next Wednesday, July 7, we will rejoice in new technologies for old books with a gala exhibition opening to celebrate our new Non Solus Blog. We're bringing out some of the items featured on the Non Solus Blog and were marrying the old and new in several ways. For example: Come print your own hybrid bookmark with letterpress and digital technology! Take an I-Pad tour of the Non Solus Blog. Experience the physicality of the books and manuscripts on display. Drink some delicious Blog Grog to our health.

  • So long and thanks for all the posts....

    Our energetic Non Solus team is losing a valuable member this week. Daryl Green leaves us to take up a position as rare book cataloger at St. Andrews in Scotland. He's learned a lot about cataloging, blogging, bibliography, and even printing during his tenure at Illinois and now he'll take that knowledge and experience to another great library. We will miss him and you will miss his blog posts, I'm sure, but that is the nature of our teaching library. Daryl completed the M.L.S. degree and the Certificate in Special Collections Librarianship from our Midwest Book & Manuscript Studies program. We send him out into the world of special collections confident that he will do us proud.