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  • Bioengineering

    As our campus continues to monitor federal activity that affects the members of our university, including international members of our campus community, I wanted to share an online resource that has been created with information and support on these topics.

  • U of I Police Department news release

    Following the president’s executive order on immigration, the University of Illinois Police Department’s first priority continues to be the safety and academic success of all students, faculty and staff.

  • University Library

    The recent executive order on immigration is antithetical to the core values of our Library, of our University, and of the country.

  • Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

    The IGB thrives on the collaborative, team-based approach we take to science.

  • Graduate College

    As you are aware, President Trump recently signed an executive order that suspends entry visas for citizens of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen for 90 days.

  • Information School

    You have seen statements of concern from various University offices regarding President Trump’s Executive Order imposing a 90-day suspension of visas to nationals of seven countries.

  • Housing

    From the Director of University Housing regarding the President’s Executive Order on immigration