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  • What are the rollout plans and dates?

    Several key dates are available to help you know what to expect and when. Read more

  • What does this mean to me?

    By coordinating our marketing and communication efforts under the collective power of a single brand, we tap into the university’s global reputation to strengthen our voices and speak as one. Building a strong Illinois brand means that each college/unit/department/individual that is part of the brand benefits from the marketing-communications efforts of all others within the university. We are stronger when we speak as one.

  • Why the block I?

    The university’s logo for most of its history, the block “I” was first referenced in campus archives in 1892. Using the block “I” as the only logo will consolidate and strengthen the university brand’s impact. Read more

  • Where is the version that has my unit’s name in it?

    The “unit lockups” will be created this fall by Public Affairs in partnership with the Chief Communications Officers. Lockups will be provided to all major units by Dec. 1, 2017.

  • What is a lockup?

    A "lockup" is an identity mark that brings together separate identity pieces into one unified mark. "Lockups" do exactly that-"lock up" or bind together key information typically used to identitfy a subset group within the larger main identity. Read more

  • Can I get my unit lockup early (before 12/1)?

    To ensure the project moves ahead on schedule and deadlines are meet campus-wide, the project team asks that everyone wait to receive materials until the 12/1 release for unit lockup file downloads. Read more

  • What about the web?

    A web standard will be provided in the initial unit lockup guide. However, an extended web design standard will follow that will create a more unified user experience as users navigate across the university's websites. Read more

  • How do I get my unit lockup?

    CCOs will submit a request form that will provide the information needed to create the unit lockup(s). The CCO serves an important role and there are a few steps to follow. Read more

  • What am I required to do?

    There are a few important dates that mark adoption of brand standards across the university. You will be required to meet a few key dates. Read more

  • What will happen to building signage, vehicles, etc.?

    Once the identity is defined, a series of phase-in workplans will be defined for carrying out the identity elements across the entire campus, from wayfinding signage to vehicles and more. Read more

  • What about letterhead, stationary, license plates, Illinois in a Box, etc?

    In the interest of helping you get ahead of your materials updates using the most up-to-date identity elements, we have providing everyone the logo and Illinois wordmark at its earliest availability. Read more

  • I’m not a communications professional. Who should I call for help?

    The Chief Communications Officer (CCO) group, a committee of marketing-communications leaders across the university, will serve as the resource for their units. Please reach out to your CCO with any questions.

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