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  • The All-MBA-Tailgate on October 30, 2010

    All-MBA-Tailgate a Success!

    On Saturday, students and alumni from the full-time, part-time, executive, and Warsaw-Illinois executive MBA programs gathered for a tailgate before the Illinois-Purdue game. The event was a great opportunity for students in the Warsaw program to interact with their counterparts in Champaign.

  • Go Illini

    Application Tips from the Illinois MBA Admissions Team

    December is a great month at Illinois! As our students are completing their class work and studying for finals, our admissions team is busy reviewing the first round of applications for the class of 2013. While we've received many applications so far, we know the majority of students are still working to compile their achievements. Below are some tips from our admissions team on best practices for applying to business school. These simple tips can help differentiate an excellent application from a good one.

  • Associate Dean Lanesskog checks in from Brazil

    Associate Dean Stig Lanesskog and several Illinois MBA students are spending their spring break in Brazil. Here is a quick recap of their adventure so far...

  • Illinois MBA Associate Dean Stig Lanesskog

    Associate Dean Lanesskog Participates in a Corporate and Social Resonsibility Conference

    Last week, Associate Dean Stig Lanesskog served as a moderator at a Corporate and Social Responsibility conference in New York. Learn more about the conference and his thoughts on the importance of incorporating CSR into the MBA curriculum.

  • Illinois MBA Associate Director of Admissions & International Recruiting Ben Moreland

    Ben Moreland checks in from South America

    Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! This is my last stop during a two-week recruiting tour that took me through four countries and five cities throughout South America, including Bogota, Colombia; Lima, Peru; Santiago, Chile; and Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has been a great experience. The cities are in some of the most naturally beautiful places on earth, the food has been great, and the people have been extremely friendly!

  • Big Ten Recruiting Chat

    Want to learn more about MBA program in the Big Ten.  Join the ILLINOIS MBA in an online event to hear from "eight" of the Big Ten MBA programs on February 26.

    • Iowa
    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Michigan State
    • Minnesota
    • Nebraska
    • Penn State         


  • Busy orientation week and a boat cruise

    The students are in class today after a very busy orientation week. Last Thursday, the MBA1s (first-year MBAs) took a charter bus to downtown Chicago. The day started off with students breaking up into groups depending on their intended area of study and visiting associated companies. The marketing students went to Google, the corporate finance students went to Boeing, the human resources students went to Procter & Gamble, and the students interested in consulting went to Gallup. The day closed with a beautiful sunset cruise on Lake Michigan departing from Navy Pier, which everyone enjoyed. MBA1s had the opportunity to get to know Chicago-based alumni on the cruise.

  • Details Set for 2nd Annual Scholarship Case Competition

    The Illinois MBA program is hosting the Second Annual Scholarship Case Competition on Friday, March 9, 2012. Prospective students who have completed their application to the Illinois MBA full-time program are eligible to participate in the event. The winner of the Scholarship Case Competition will receive a full scholarship to Illinois!

  • First Annual MBA Night by Kaplan

    The First Annual MBA Night, on Thursday January 27th, will be an opportunity for you to meet informally with alumni of MBA programs. The event runs from 6:30-8:00 p.m. The ILLINOIS MBA will be participating in Chicago at the District Bar (170 West Ontario Street), St. Louis at the Clayton Plaza Grill at The Crown Plaza Hotel (7750 Carondelet Avenue) & Los Angeles Irvine at Caf Tu Tu Tango (The Block at Orange, 20 City Boulevard West). Youll get a feel for different programs, get your questions answered, and start building what business school is known for a strong network with whom you can have a great time. To learn more and register, visit

  • Getting Ready for the Illinois MBA

    If you have already decided to come to Illinois in the fall, you may be wondering what you can do over the summer to prepare for what will be a challenging yet rewarding adventure. This blog contains some tips to help you hit the ground running.

  • GMAT & GRE Testing

    It's been a busy summer at the ILLINOIS MBA. We are getting ready to welcome new classes to both our full-time program in August and our Professional (part-time) program in January. In the meantime, we're excited to announce two changes to our admissions policies that may be of itnerest to those considering an MBA from ILLINOIS.

  • Ben Moreland and Frederico Zornig at the Top MBA fair on 9-13-2010

    Greetings from Brazil!

    This week, Ben Moreland and Brian Precious from the Illinois MBA admissions team traveled to Brazil to meet with prospective students and MBA alumni in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio.

  • Happy Holidays from the Illinois MBA

    The Illinois MBA would like to wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season! 2012 is going to be an exciting year, and we look forward to welcoming the best students from around the world to the Class of 2014 in August.

  • Homecoming Weekend a Success

    Illinois MBA students and alumni had a lot to celebrate during Homecoming weekend.

  • How to Compete in a Global Market

     In 2011, the Illinois MBA made a strategic move to better prepare our students to compete for jobs in a global market. No matter where you live and work, it is vital as a business leader to have awareness of the opportunities and challenges of conducting business globally. Of course, there is general awareness of some of the locations throughout the world where business is growing – India and China foremost among them. But simply knowing that opportunities exist is not enough. Reading about it in a textbook or hearing a professor lecture about it can’t prepare you for the complexities of cultural values, social behaviors, and legal challenges of conducting successful business in a foreign country.

    For years, MBA programs have taken the approach of providing study abroad experiences for their students, and most business schools still offer these opportunities in one form or another. At Illinois, we have completely done away with the traditional study abroad experience. We have decided that as a benchmark experience, our MBA students will have the chance to work on a real-world project for an actual client that is based in countries with emerging markets and ever-increasing business opportunities. We refer to this student experience as the “Global Consulting Program”, and through this program, we are now sending teams of MBA students to work on client projects in some of the world’s foremost emerging markets – India, China, Brazil, and South Africa.

    You might ask “Why?”, and so I’ve decided to address your likely questions in this post.

    •    Why have you moved away from the traditional study abroad experience?

    Very simply, the traditional experience wasn’t enough to prepare students for the challenges of doing business in foreign climates. These study abroad experiences are usually 5-10 days. There is little to prepare ahead of time. Generally, students show up and passively listen to a foreign professor and local business leaders talk about the opportunities and challenges of doing business in their home country. There may be a team project or examination to complete, but the experience is completely limited by the classroom dynamic. Little was asked of students to truly interact in business culture while they were there.

    •    Why do you view the project experience as an improvement over the study abroad experience?

    The “Global Consulting Program” is an improvement for several reasons.

    1.    Students have significant responsibility. While the length of the trip is about the same as the study abroad trips (7-10 days), students are assigned a real-life team project months before they actually visit that country. Students dedicate time over several months, meeting with the client by video- or teleconferencing, managing a real-life project from start to finish. This level of commitment means that students are more vested in having a tremendous learning experience once they do visit the client in person.

    2.    It’s a resume-builder. The goal of every MBA student is to find a great job after they graduate. This experience is something they can reference in a job interview, whether from the angle of being a successful project manager or from the angle of having a true awareness of how to successfully conduct business across international borders.

    3.    It builds greater camaraderie. This experience is something that builds relationships. Students truly depend on each other to deliver a great product to their client. It’s difficult to explain, but when you are presenting to a Board of Directors in unfamiliar territory, you learn to trust your teammates in a way that you’ve never had to before. After returning from these trips, our students always say that they will never forget the experience.

    To learn more about this unique opportunity, you can view the following video presentation of our students’ experience in Brazil last spring:

    To learn more details about the program, you can then visit our website at: I think you will see that what we are offering is unparalleled by other MBA programs throughout the U.S. and the world.

  • Second Year MBA Student Kyle Pietia in Montreal, Canada on 11/15/2010

    Illinois MBA Admissions Team Circles the Globe to Find Talented Students

    It's a busy time of the year at the Illinois MBA. While the students are finishing up their semester projects, the admissions team has hit the road in search of the best students from around the world.

  • Illinois MBA Provides Back to School List for First Year Business School Students

    Whether continuing on from college or just heading back to the classroom, first year business school students need to be well prepared and have all of the tools necessary to take on the year ahead. As one of the top 40 MBA programs in country, Illinois MBA knows what it takes to be prepared and have compiled a list of Back to School items that will be needed for todays MBA student.

  • Judges Rob Valli, Anthony Sarnecki (MBA '06) and Katie Blum (MBA '10) question finalists during the Illinois MBA Scholarship Case Competition on February 4, 2011

    Illinois MBA Scholarship Case Competition a Success

    Ten aspiring MBA students recently took on the challenge of competing in the University of Illinois' first-ever MBA Scholarship Case Competition. Three students walked away with scholarship offers in hand, but all of them left with some important experience under their belts--experience in critical thinking, structured problem solving, and effective communication.

  • Illinois MBA students visit the Golconda Fort in Hyderabad, India on 12/28/2010

    Illinois MBA Students Ring in New Year in Hyderabad, India

    One of the goals of the Illinois MBA program is to provide opportunities for students to learn first-hand about doing business in other countries. Over winter break, 16 Illinois MBA students traveled to Hyderabad, India to study and experience Indian business culture. Below is a recap of our adventure.

  • MBA students hard at work in Berlin.

    Illinois MBA students studying in Berlin

    Twenty-two Illinois MBA full-time and Professional (part-time) students are on a week long study abroad trip at Freie University (FU) in Berlin, Germany. Berlin is the capital of Germany and has a population of 3.4 million making it Germanys largest city. Berlin is a very culturally diverse country and is one of the worlds largest economic powers. Our program kicked off Sunday evening with a welcome dinner at Spreestern, a traditional German restaurant. Students in FU's master in management and marketing program made us feel welcome and the students had a great time getting to know each other.

  • Illinois moves up 5 spaces in latest US News B-School Ranking

    Illinois on the Rise in Latest US News B-School Rankings

    We are excited to announce the Illinois MBA has moved up 5 spaces in the 2011 US News & World Report Best Business School Ranking. The Illinois MBA program is currently ranked #37, up from #42 last year.

  • It is Not Too Late to Apply to Illinois!

    If you are thinking about earning an MBA in the fall, there is still time to apply to Illinois. Our final admissions deadline for domestic students is May 1st, and scholarships are still available for qualified applicants.

  • Kaplan Road to Business School

    The ILLINOIS MBA will be attending the Kaplan Road to Business School in Dallas (8/7), Chicago (8/9), Seattle (8/11), San Francisco (8/13), Los Angeles (8/14), Washington DC (8/18), and New York (8/20). Explore 30 top business schools, through an open networking session, application advice from an admissions panel, and breakout sessions.

  • Lots of Activity at the Illinois MBA

    Fall is an exciting time of the year at the University of Illinois. As temperatures cool off, the activites on campus really start to heat up. At the Illinois MBA, our students are hard at work, and our admissions team is already working to recruit the Class of 2013.

  • MBA 1's Already Making a Difference in the Community

    MBA 1's are already making a difference in the Urbana-Champaign community.

  • MBA Picnic...MBA1s win tug-of-war!

    Last night the MBA hosted our annual Back to School Picnic. MBA1s (first-years), MBA2s (second-years), and Professional MBA students (part-time) came out to Hessel Park for a fun event. The highlight of the evening was the tug-of-war between the MBA1s and the MBA2s. This year the MBA1s were victorious in the female and male competition.

  • Only 1 Week Until the First Admissions Deadline!

    If you are thinking of applying to Illinois, the first admissions deadline is next Tuesday, November 15th. See below for 5 reasons why the Illinois MBA may be the right program for you. Remember, applying early is usually to a student's advantage, as greater scholarship consideration is usually given at the beginning of a recruiting cycle.

  • Professional MBA Information Sessions in August!

    Want to learn more about the Professional MBA for working professionals at ILLINOIS? Join one of our upcoming information sessions in August! Register at Can't make it to an information session? Check out our virtual information sessions on our events page.

  • Professional MBA June Events

    The application for the Professional MBA is now available!  If you are interested in learning more about the program that meets two nights per week and is designed for working professionals, please join us at one of our events this summer. 

    MBA Happy Hour

    Date  |  Thursday, June 14
    Time  |  5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
    Place  |  Cowboy Monkey, 6 Taylor Street, Champaign
    Register |

    Join College of Business Alumni for an evening of networking this summer at Cowboy Monkey in Champaign, and learn more about the Professional MBA.  Admission is complimentary with registration and includes cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.                       

    PMBA Information Session

    Date  |  Monday, June 25
    Time  |  6:00 - 7:00 p.m.
    Place  |  3007 Business Instructional Facility, Champaign
    Register  |

    This information session is specifically for working professionals who would like to learn about the Professional MBA curriculum, class schedule, Global Consulting Program, and tuition costs.  Come hear about exciting scholarship opportunities and admission requirements.

    We hope to see you soon!

  • Prospective students, we want to hear from you!

    If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know we try to write about exciting events on campus, the accomplishments of our students as well as some admissions tips and differentiators of our program. We would also like to hear from you!

  • Road to Business School

    Illinois MBA Admissions and Illinois MBA Alumni will be attending the Kaplan Road to Business School in New York, Boston, Washington D.C. and Chicago. This is a free event and a great way to learn more about top business schools.

  • Scholarship Case Competition a Great Opportunity to Showcase MBA Skills

    The Illinois MBA Scholarship Case Competition will be a great opportunity for prospective students to practice the skills that will allow them to be successful in a top MBA program and beyond. In addition, participants have the opportunity to compete for a full scholarship to the Illinois MBA program.

  • The Illinois MBA is Coming to a City Near You!

    The Illinois MBA Admissions team is looking forward to meeting you this fall. From Los Angeles to Lima and all points in between, we are on the lookout for top students. Learn more about where we will be and how to meet up with us.

  • The wait is over...our Class of 2012 is here!

    Yesterday the ILLINOIS MBA Class of 2010 kicked off their orientation week. The staff, faculty, MBA2s (second-years) at ILLINOIS are thrilled to welcome this amazing class to campus. The day began with all the MBA1s (first years) meeting in at select coffee houses around campus. MBA2s escorted groups of MBA1s to the Business Instructional Facility, where the 103 students had breakfast (some for the second time) and mingled. Although many students met Sunday night at the MBA Association event at Firehaus (a popular campus bar), this was the first time the entire class was together.

  • Thinking about taking the GMAT or GRE

    Wondering what test you should take?  Read this article for some differences in the two tests:

    The ILLINOIS MBA accepts the GMAT or the GRE.  Many joint degree students (students receiving another masters degree) often take the GRE since they need it for their other program.  This allows us to have diverse backgrounds in our classes.  Students applying to many programs usually take the GMAT since it's more widely accepted in business schools. 

    For information on the GMAT please visit

    For information on the TOEFL please visit

  • Top 3 Reasons to Apply to the Illinois Professional MBA

    The Illinois Professional MBA allows working professionals to earn an Illinois MBA in only 26 months. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum, opportunities for international experiences and exposure to a world class alumni network at a fantastic value. With only 3 days remaining until the application deadline, here are the top 3 reasons to apply to the Illinois Professional MBA:

  • Illinois MBA Director of Admissions Brian Precious

    Video Blog - Application Best Practices

    Illinois MBA Director of Admissions Brian Precious offers his thoughts on the difference between an excellent vs. an average MBA application. To view the video, please visit:

  • Virtual Admission Events Scheduled for 2013

    We hope that you will be able to join us for one of our upcoming virtual admission events!  Even if you are unable to make it campus virtual sessions are a great way to hear from admission representatives.  We have Program Overview sessions scheduled, which will go over curriculum, experiential learning opportunities, and admissions.  There are also tailored sessions on application tips and interview tips.  During virtual sessions you’ll have the opportunity to type in questions and get them answered by an admissions representative.  On Wednesday, January 9 we have a virtual information session at 9:00 a.m. on Application Tips. To register for this session or another session please visit 


  • Virtual InfoSessions Provide Opportunity to Learn In-depth about the Illinois MBA

    For our international applicants, we realize that it is difficult to make the trip to Champaign-Urbana to campus and meet our students, faculty, and staff. Over the past several months, therefore, we have hosted a series of online information sessions where we talk about the unique opportunities available at Illinois as well as provide you with details on the admissions process at Illinois. I would like to post a series of recordings here for prospective students in case you have not had the opportunity to attend these sessions.

  • The Illinois MBA Class of 2013

    Welcome Illinois MBA Class of 2013

    We are proud to welcome a large, diverse and well-qualified class to campus this week.

  • What Does Flexible Curriculum Really Mean?

    If you are just starting to research MBA programs, it may be hard to imagine interviewing for your first post-MBA job. However, prospective MBA students should be thinking about the skills and experiences they would like to be able to convey to employers from day one. That is why we offer students a flexible curriculum. But what does this really mean?

  • What Matters at Illinois?

    An MBA is not just about the classes you take to earn a degree. Its about the experience; the people you add to your personal and professional network, the opportunities you have to learn and grow and the resources at your disposal to elevate your career after graduation. That is why it is important to find the right program for you. While cost, rankings and location factor into the decision, one of the most important, and sometimes overlooked criteria is the culture of the program.