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  • Illinois MBA Second-Year Chosen for AGUILA Leadership Program

    Jennifer Schmidt, a second-year MBA student, was recently chosen for the AGUILA Leadership Program. This three-day leadership retreat takes place this year in January, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. AGUILA (Advocates Galvanizing Unity and Inspiring Leadership Advancement) is value-based and unites leaders with up and coming professionals that are committed to volunteerism with area non-profit organizations. AGUILA is unique because it is focused on advancement of community based leaders who can utilize their experience and culture to motivate others. At this retreat, Jennifer could have the opportunity to be mentored through an experiential series of sessions that expose her to Value-Based Decision Making; Non-Profit Stewardship; Team Building; Project & Conflict Management. The goal of the sessions is to both educate and inspire future leaders to be more active in their efforts both within their current organizations and their future ones. This is a great honor for Jennifer, and we congratulate her on all of her accomplishments!

  • First-Year MBA's Finish First Semester with Christie Clinic Project

    Last week, first-year MBAs completed their final examination for the Professional Communication course. However, instead of the normal multiple choice test, this final was a little different. The students had all semester to prepare proposals and recommendations for a business problem provided by the Christie Clinic in Champaign. While some students would say it was challenging, most of the students agree that the chance to solve a real-world problem was both rewarding and fun. Read more to see who won the competition and get some more details on the work the teams did over the course of the last 16 weeks!

  • Illinois MBA Students Recognized for Their Extraordinary Achievements

    On November 11, twenty-one Illinois MBA were recognized for their extraordinary achievements during the fall semester. This event is the first of its kind for the MBA program. It was designed to honor students who have gone above and beyond the minimum requirements of being an MBA student through positive MBA program impact, outstanding personal acts and/or positive community impact. The nominees were all very deserving of the recognition as each student has displayed upstanding dedication to the program and making it a truly unique and valuable experience, not only for themselves but for their classmates. Of the twenty-one students who were nominated, three students were selected to win the Extraordinary Achievement Award for their commitment to the program. Read more to learn about our three winners: Jennifer Schmidt, Pawan Gaargi and Adam Ratner. We've also included some pictures so that you can have a peek into a night full of the extraordinary!