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  • MBA First-Year Students Continue to Lock-In Summer Internships!

    A few weeks ago we featured a set of first-year MBA students who have secured an internship for the summer. They shared their thoughts on the internship search experience, details about their summer assignments and their advice for other students looking for a new position. This week, we have another 4 Illinois MBA students talking about their internships. An internship provides invaluable experience and the Illinois MBA program is happy to see students taking on a diverse set of challenges. As always, we extend our congratulations to them and wish them luck as they take on new projects.

  • John Foley, second-year MBA, shakes Dean Lanesskog's hand as he accepts his nomination award.

    MBA Students are Honored for Extraordinary Achievements....Round Two!!

    On April 13, 2011 the Illinois MBA held the Spring Extraordinary Achievement Award ceremony. Similar to the one last fall, the award ceremony is a chance to honor those who have gone above and beyond the minimum requirements of being an Illinois MBA student through positive MBA program impact, outstanding personal acts, and/or positive community impact. This semester we honored nineteen students for their contributions to the program! Read more to hear about our nominees and the two winners of the Extraordinary Achievement Award.

  • Adam Ratner, MBA Class of 2012

    MBA First-Year is Awarded the Joseph H. Smith Award

    Adam Ratner, a first-year MBA, was recently awarded the Joseph H. Smith Award for his work with the Kola Foundation. According to the Student Affairs website, Joseph Smith began his career at the University in 1864. In 1978, he was named Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Director of Affirmative Action, and Associate Professor of English. Mr. Smith worked towards creating a culturally diverse campus climate that offered educational opportunities to all students. This award was established by his colleagues to honor him as he retired. One award is presented to an undergraduate, graduate or professional student, or a registered student organization who has developed an effective and sustaining activity toward interracial or cultural understanding and an appreciation through outside-classroom experiences. The purpose of the award is to promote the educational value of racial/cultural diversity among students. Congratualtions, Adam! This is a great honor and we are excited about the future of the Kola Foundation.

  • SCPI to Host Mini-Conference on Social and Consumer Psychology

    Professor Brittany Duff, a faculty member in the Advertising department is part of a team that is organizing a University of Illinois "mini-conference" that deals with social and consumer psychology. This conference (SCPI) will hopefully serve as a first step to facilitating connections between colleges and departments that may have people working in an area that could pertain to consumer psychology (note that consumption can mean products, food, health, media, etc). This groups is hoping to find interested parties and work over the summer to create a more formalized format for the group for next year. Read more for details on the conference.

  • Real Estate Case Competition Team Places First!

    We recently posted an interview with second-year MBA Matt Lesh about the Real Estate Case Competition that he and six other students were participating in. Well, we are happy to announce that after many weeks of hard work and a strong presentation last week in Chicago, the team brought home a win! MBA students Lesh, Kyle Pietila and Jenna Goebig were joined by Taylor Douell,Connor Matthews, Briana Dunne, and Cheng Wang for the competition held in the Windy City on April 9, 2011. The competition was hosted by the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation at the Union League Cluv of Chicago. Read more for details on the competition, and the win!

  • Meet MBA Professor CK Gunsalus

    Professor CK Gunsalus teaches MBA 501 Leadership & Ethics, and there is no question that she is passionate about her course, and about teaching. Professor Gunsalus sat down with us to talk about her course and what she loves about her job. Read more to hear our interview with a very experienced Professor, who, at the end of the day really just enjoys having the opportunity to work with Illinois students.

  • Illinois MBA Students featured in "A Day in the Life" Video

    Illinois MBA students Jennifer Schmidt, Adam Ratner and Pawan Gaargi are letting us into their lives for a day in the new "A Day in the Life" video that was recently launched. While its easy to read descriptions about how great the Illinois MBA experience is, sometimes, its more fun to see! In the video Jen, Adam and Pawan give us a sneak peak into the life of a grad student and share their favorite things about the program. This is the first video of it's kind and given its instant success, we hope to see more! Read more to get the link to the video on the Illinois MBA site.

  • MBA1s Secure Internships and Look Forward to Summer Part I

    According to many first year MBAs, the biggest fear they have is finding an internship in a difficult economy. Well, given the amount of Illinois MBA first-years that have accepted a summer internship offer, it doesnt appear fear stood in the way of success! Keep reading and hear from a number of first-year students who have internships and are excited to share their experience! The process may be difficult and at times stressful, but it seems that a little hard work and a positive attitude turned out great results for many students. Congratulations to you all and have a great summer!

  • Meet MBA Professor Nick Petruzzi...

    In an effort to keep bringing you new content, we have decided to add a new layer and give you an ever deeper look inside the Illinois MBA - interviews with our professors! They are a critical piece of the MBA experience and we finally have a chance to get them out of the classroom, talking about why they are passionate about their work and about teaching graduate students. This week, we spoke with Professor Nick Petruzzi who is an Associate Professor of Business Administration, a Gutman Teaching Excellence Fellow and the Academic Director of the MBA Program. However, our students know him primarily for his enthusiasm for teaching two popular courses. Read more to hear Professor Petruzzi talk about his courses and why he loves being a professor at the University of Illinois.

  • Photograph Courtesy of Kelly Groen

    MBA Second Year Student Talks About Her Semester Paris!

    Kelly Groen, second-year MBA, decided to spend this semester abroad in Paris, France. She is not only taking full advantage of all the sights and famous places, but she has also been enjoying class and learning about the culture. Her experience in a new country will benefit her well beyond graduation both in her career and in her personal life. Based on our interview with her, it seems Kelly is happy with her decision and has certainly made the most of her time over seas. Keep reading to hear about her favorite things and about a "day in the life" of a student abroad!