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  • The Power of the Network

    In previous posts, we have either explicitly stated or alluded to the power that networking holds. Broadening one's network produces invaluable benefit when utilized properly. In todays Student Life Blog, I would like to share a few practices that I have, personally, discovered to be effective in the arena of networking.

  • The World Is Your Playground

    During my first year in the MBA program, one of the administrators charged me to not allow your education to get in the way of your learning. After some initial head scratching, I decoded the core message of avoiding boundaries when striving to acquire knowledge. Illinois makes no apologies for providing students with the chisel needed to sculpt their graduate school experience.

  • Sitting Down With James Pipkins

    In continuing with our series checking in with second year MBAs currently working their summer internships, we caught up with James Pipkins. Pipkins, a dual Masters degree student, who graduated from undergrad at U of I (B.S. Technical System Management), is currently working on his Master of Human Resource Management at Illinois School of Industrial and Labor Relations while matriculating through the MBA program. Pipkins has been joined by a couple other Illinois MBA students, working at the Chicago Tribune in HR for the summer. During the interview, he offered some valuable insights regarding making the most of ones time at the Illinois MBA. Lets see what James had to say!

  • Create Your Story

    Prior to officially beginning the Illinois MBA program, I can recall an address given by Dean Stig Lanesskog. During our orientation, he shared that a portion of the Illinois MBAs progressive nature was centered in the student creation, and by student creation, I mean students in the program possess the unique freedom the sculpt their experiences. The students control the direction of the curriculum they desire, the number of organizations they choose to join, the leadership positions they seek, and the list goes on. In his oration, Dean Lanesskog detailed his pillars for success within and beyond the program, one of which was create your story. In this edition of the Illinois MBA Student Life blog, I will offer five of the best methods (in my opinion, of course) to create your story in attaining success in and beyond the Illinois MBA program.

  • A Chat With Nat

    Happy Friday, everyone! To conclude this week, we sat down with now second year MBA (applause for the Class of 2012, please), Natalie Keable to speak about her internship experience thus far. Natalie, who helps comprise the 10% (roughly) of MBA students that transitioned to the program straight from the undergraduate ranks, has exceled beyond the classroom. She boasts heavy involvement in Illinois Business Consulting (IBC) as a Project Manager and Chair of Alumni Relations & Client Outreach. So without further adieu, lets hear from Natalie Keable!

  • Changing of the Guard

    Good morning, all. As the school year has come to an end, and the Illinois MBA Class of 2011 transitions into the work force, a changing of the guard has occurred. Kristen Lisa, now a member of AMD, performed extraordinarily as the digital marketing producer, keeping the masses informed on all the happenings and updates within the Illinois MBA community. She will be sorely missed, but we wish her the best of luck and much success in all of her endeavors.