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  • Talking Case Competition with Alex Garcia

    One of the phenomenal options that students can utilize to enrich their Illinois MBA experience lies in case competitions. These contests provide students with complex real world problems to solve and present before a panel of judges, who select a winner. Case competitions also frequently offer opportunities for extraordinary networking and a chance to showcase ones ability in front of prominent employers!

  • Finishing Up Orientation

    At the midpoint of the week, the third day focused on career mapping and team building. Students were divided into two groups, which rotated between meeting with the phenomenal Business Career Services team and team building exercises.

  • MBA Orientation - Day 2

    Following the exciting kick-off to the 2011 Illinois MBA Orientation, the action continued on Tuesday! Students enjoyed an entertaining and informative etiquette presentation by the captivating Patricia Cook.

  • MBA Orientation - Day 1

    Monday welcomed 123 new, diverse students into the Illinois MBA family, as the 2011 orientation events commenced. The first day, which began at 8 a.m., contained numerous informative events. These events included addresses from Dean Larry DeBrock and Dean Stig Lanesskog and tours of Illinois beautiful campus and state of the art Business Instructional Facility, concluding with a night of bowling!

  • Welcome to U of I!

    It's about that time again! The Chambana community has begun its annual August growth, as students return and ready themselves for another scholastic year. In the realm of the Illinois MBA, the conclusion of the summer symbolizes completed internships, summer experiences, and the induction of the new class into our beloved program.

  • The Diversity Factor

    How do we best acquire valuable knowledge? Is it from our teachers? Is it from reading, or is it from other people and experiences? In my humble opinion, total utilization of the available information sources serve best in not only our education but also our learning. As the climate of business continuously migrates to an international arena, one's ability to learn and relate to other cultures holds vital importance now more than ever.

  • A Few Ways to GET INVOLVED

    A unique attribute of the Illinois MBA lies in the students' ability to create their own personal experience. A return trip to school provides students with the dynamic opportunity to participate in neglected activities from undergrad, and along with one's academic curriculum, students may customize their extracurricular menu. Today, we will discuss a few great ways YOU can get involved as an Illinois MBA!