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  • Nail The Interview

    The majority of MBA students return to school to make a transition to other industries or to advance themselves in their existing industries. As the career search process continues beyond general interest, students will inevitably encounter the interview and in some cases several rounds of interviews. In consulting with our excellent Business Career Services professionals and various human resource professionals at Fortune 500 companies, I have compiled five key points of emphasis to excel in your interview.

  • Illinois MBA Goes to NAWMBA

    As the interviewing season and associated conference season get underway, MBA students have begun traveling to various regions of the country in search of employment and enriching experiences. Both internship and career seekers ready themselves to impress potential employers at the career fairs and interviews of the national conferences. During September 15-17, MBA students flocked to Austin, Texas saturating the Irving Convention Center for the 2011 National Association of Women MBAs National Conference.

  • Experience & Learn

    One of the features on which the Illinois MBA program hangs its hat is the ability of students to gain valuable work experience while earning their advanced degrees. A plethora of organizations and opportunities exist for students in which they may immerse themselves and add to their overall experience. Yesterday, the annual MBA Experiential Learning Fair occupied the Business Instructional Facility's atrium in an effort to motivate students to venture outside of the classroom for education.

  • Prepare For Career Fair Season

    As students return to school and become acclimated with their daily routines of going to class, meeting with groups, and preparing for tests, a portion of their attention focuses on their career searches. In preparing a strategy for an effective career search, students often block off dates on their calendars to attend one or multiple career fairs. For today's installment of the Student Life Blog, we will examine how to construct a productive strategy, so when you attend your next career fair, you can have a plan.

  • My Intern Experience

    Throughout the summer, I detailed MBA 2 students' internship experiences. While we have heard from students within the human resource, finance, and project management functions, among others, I wanted to take this edition of the Student Life Blog as an opportunity to share my internship experience with you.

  • 5 Tools For Your Internship Search

    From the moment students enter the Illinois MBA program, the subject of the career search becomes a hot topic. Students want to know how to obtain one, and the Illinois MBA wants to educate students on how to acquire one. The career search initially commences with the internship search in the first year. Today, we will highlight five ways to assist in the journey to an internship.