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  • Illinois MBA Students at the Eastern Illinois Food Bank

    Giving Thanks through Giving

    Those of us in the Illinois MBA program have a lot to be thankful for--an excellent education, wonderful friends and family, many job prospects and more. In order to show how thankful we are for the things we have, Illinois MBA students like to give back to the Champaign-Urbana community and other communities as often as possible. Prior to Thanksgiving break, MBA students participated in a number of events that benefitted the community, including donating food to a university-wide food drive, helping the Eastern Illinois Food Bank pack food and raising awareness of the Lakota Nation through the student-founded Kola Foundation.

  • The Wonderful World of Case Competitions

    Case competitions are one of the many chapters that an Illinois MBA can add to her or his story while in the MBA program. During a case competition, MBA students are given the opportunity work on a team to present their solutions to company problems and compete against other schools and other teams doing the same. First-year MBA student, Jaren Gaddi was on a case competition team for Nielsen in which his team won. Jaren has a background in retail pharmacy operations and is currently concentrating in Finance and Strategic Management. I had the opportunity to interview Jaren regarding his experience at the Nielsen Case Competition.

  • Making a Difference with the Illinois MBA Service Association

    In the first-year MBA ethics class, we often heard our professor state that her goal in life was to leave things better than she found them. This thought embodies the MBA Service Association and the projects that they participate in throughout the year. The MBA program is only two years long and many of us come from miles away, moving furniture, family and lives to Champaign-Urbana to start a new adventure as MBA students'we can only hope that we leave this community better than how we found it.

  • Checking in with a First-Year MBA

    As we are deep into the second quarter for the first-year MBAs and quickly approaching Thanksgiving Break, I decided to sit down with Matt Foreman, a first-year MBA, to check in with him on how the semester is going so far. Matt has a background in aquatics management and has even traveled the world as an Assistant Cruise Director. He is planning on concentrating in general management while in the Illinois MBA Program. Heres what he had to say about his experience as an Illinois MBA:

  • Friday Night for Women and Saturday Night for Diwali

    This weekend proved to be a busy one for the MBA program. Friday night started with an event solely for females interested in pursuing an Illinois MBA. Around 17 women from all over the country traveled to Champaign to take an in-depth look at the MBA program.

  • Pumpkin Picking with the Illinois MBA Association

    To celebrate the coming of fall and the exciting times that Halloween brings, the MBA Association, which is the student government organization of the Illinois MBA program, hosted a festive get-together at Curtis Orchards. Curtis Orchards is located on the outskirts of Champaign and offers private pavilions to roast s'mores and hot dogs on open fires, as well as hayrides around the farm and pumpkins that one can hand-pick from the pumpkin patch. The MBAs decided that Sunday afternoon following the Midwest Career Fair would be the perfect time to enjoy the crisp fall air and participate in all that Curtis Orchards has to offer.

  • Illinois MBA and the Midwest Career Fair

    On October 21, the Illinois MBA realized the fruits of its labor: the Midwest Career Fair was finally starting. This event was a means to bring together the top MBA schools in the Midwest and top tier companies who appreciate the talent that the Midwest has to offer. As the website for the Midwest Career Fair states, "This career fair encourages meaningful connections both with employers and other candidates. Use this as an opportunity to grow your professional network" ( 11 MBA programs (including the Illinois MBA) and 39 top tier companies agreed and used the Midwest Career Fair to garner employment and to grow their professional networks.