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  • Interview Insights from BCS Employee and Second-Year MBA Student, Jill Krivacek

    As the semester comes to a close, many of the MBA students are leaving the Champaign-Urbana community for home to take a break from school work and to continue their search for the perfect full-time job or internship. Since winter break is a great time to refine interview skills, update resumes and search for jobs or internships, I decided to sit down with Jill Krivacek, current second-year MBA student, employee of Business Career Services and the 2011 president of the MBA Association to see if she had any tips for students looking for job opportunities.

  • MBA Students Help Freshmen Learn the Importance of Professional Responsibility

    On Wednesday night, I was able to see firsthand the culmination of Business 101, a course in Professional Responsibility that all freshmen entering the College of Business have to take. I have been the Assistant Course Director for this class for the past year and Wednesday night was the official end to it. The 650 freshmen that take this course were split into groups this semester and were required to develop a product and a company that would be focused on the '3 Ps' of social responsibility: People, Profit and Planet. Many MBAs came out to help judge the posters and presentations that the freshmen gave and six of us (three MBA2s currently on the Business 101 management team and three MBA1s that are on the 2012 Business 101 management team) had the task of assigning grades to the presentations and seeing how much the freshmen have improved over the year.

  • Illinois MBAs are Extraordinary!

    On Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Extraordinary Achievement Award ceremony which honored MBAs who went above and beyond the minimum requirements of being an Illinois MBA student. There were 18 students nominated, each of whom have engaged in outstanding personal acts, impacted the community or impacted the MBA program. I was lucky to be one of the nominees, excited to be honored for all of my hard work and dedication to the program.