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  • Coming Full Circle

    Coming Full Circle
    Melissa Chua ‘14 MBA
    During my final week in Cambridge, I had the opportunity to meet two incredible entrepreneurs: Theo Koutroukides and Jennifer Hersch. In this episode, I highlight the work they've done in creating the first hot yoga sports studio in Cambridge. Through this, I hope to inspire young entrepreneurs at ILLINOIS and feature some of our own young business owners in Fall 2013...
  • My Last First Day Of School

    Even though I’ve just driven for two hours, dealt with a robbery at a friend’s house and gotten little sleep, I feel energized.  That can only mean one thing; the last first day of school.

    As I walk through the gradually waking campus, the sights of bleary eyed students stumbling to class along with the slowly rising temperature remind me of first days past.  I think of last year when, newly transplanted from California, I marveled at the grandiose buildings and of course BIF as I carefully approached it, wondering what this school year would hold for me...