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  • "Five Minutes With"....back in action!

    Its mid-week, which means time for another interview. We sat down with second-year MBA, Maile Tesler. She came to the Univeristy of Illinois from Lexington, MA where she was working for the United States Coast Guard. Maile is concentrating on General Management in the MBA while taking full advantage of flexible curriculum with a second-concentration in Civil Engineering. When she does have a few free moments, she likes to spend time with her family and friends. Keep reading to learn more about Maile!

  • Wondering What We Were Up to Over Winter Break?

    Welcome Back!! It has been a long and enjoyable winter break, but now were back in Champaign-Urbana and gearing up for the Spring Semester! While we have a ton to look forward to this half spring study abroad, Business Career Fair, Alumni Banquet and of course, graduation! a lot happened in the last four weeks that we thought we should share! While most of us take Winter Break off from school and studying, many of the Illinois MBA students managed to stay busy with trips to India and Berlin, vacations and volunteer work! As always, our students are building their stories whether they are on campus or not! Read more to see what some of our students did with their time off!

  • Study Abroad in Berlin, Day 3

    Our third day provided us with the best experiences of the trip. We started the day with a visit to Daimlers Research and Development group in the Potsdam area of Berlin. They gave us a presentation on their methods for predicting trends and forecasting the movement of the business. Their models for analyzing the market have allowed them to thrive during the recent economic turmoil. It was nice to step out of the class room and here about real methodologies being used by a very successful company. After the visit at Daimler, we had several hours built in to tour Berlin at our own pace before meeting back together for a special tour of the Reichstag. This is the day when stepping out of your comfort zone really becomes important. Sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture in Germany isnt that different from doing the same in the US. Taking your fate into your own hands and wandering around a foreign city in which you dont speak the language provides a thrill that you just cant get from looking at pictures or videos of a destination. After standing in the shadow of the Brandenburg gate we walked a couple miles through a historical part of Berlin as we made our way to Alexanderplatz for some souvenir shopping. Starting our day in the modern business area of Potsdam and ending up walking through some beautiful building that were several hundred years old really allowed us to appreciate fully the dramatic history that this city has.

  • Study Abroad in Berlin, Day 2

    In our second day in Berlin, the group started early with a lecture on Managing Interorganizational Networks with Prof. Sydow. Although the lecturer was a fan of the Star Alliance for flights, all of the class, even those flying on other carriers, enjoyed the example of managing networks within the airline industry. The next lecture was taught by an American professor, Prof. Jackson, who explained some nuances of the German Model of Capitalism and their comparative institutional advantage. We learned that in-line with our expectations, Germans love quality and operate in a coordinated market economy as compared to the Liberal Market Economy operated in the US, Canada and the UK. There were many interesting differences in values to coordination to corporate culture styles. After a lunch break at the university cantinas, two more lectures were given in the afternoon. Germans have extensive attention spans and we were most definitely put to the test. The first afternoon lecture was about multi-stage marketing in a downstream supply chain. This lecture gave a great introduction to supply chains and business to business relationships. Our final lecture provided a glimpse of the technology dynamics and how changed have occurred and been analyzed within the past few decades.