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  • MBA Students to Compete in Net Impact Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge... seems that this is the season for competition, and the Illinois MBA continues to motivate students to be a part of the action! A group of 6 students involved with Net Impact in the program - Jon Chan, Kevin Elens, Alex Garcia, Deon Lucas, Shubhashri Mohanty, John Sadilek and faculty advisor Kathryn Rybka - have been working hard the past few months to compete in the Net Impact Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge. Keep reading to get the details of this exciting opportunity and check back for interviews once they've completed their plan!

  • Meet the New Illinois MBA Students Ambassadors!

    The Illinois MBA recently launched its new "Student Ambassador" site and we are very excited about the students who are profiled! Eight students from the MBA Class of 2012 have been selected as points of contact for prospective students because of their diverse experience and passion for the MBA. The site is designed to be a landing page for prospective students to go and connect with current students to learn first-hand about life in the Illinois MBA. Be sure to check out the site and reach out to these students for all things MBA!

  • MBA Dean's Fellows Spend the Day With Accenture Executives

    The Dean's Fellows program at the Illinois MBA has been very busy. This select group of students - Vinay Patel, Adam Russell, Adam Ratner,Justin Essig, Jill Krivacek, Emilia Poppe, Alex Garcia, Olaide Lawal, Andrew Kennedy, Diana Vallejo and Larry Rubeck- - have not only recieved a scholarship for their previous accomplishments, they also have the opportunity to recieve focused career development through a mentor-relationship with as Dean Lanesskog. Additionally, they are meeting with various members of the MBA board to discuss their career goals and the strategy they are developing for the future of the program. Most recently, the Dean's Fellows had the opportunity to meet with executives at Accenture in Chicago. Keep reading to hear from our guest writer, Adam Ratner, about his experience at one of the top consulting firms in the Windy City.

  • The Illinios MBA Hosts 3rd Annual MBA Strategy Case Competition

    The Illinois MBA hosted the 3rd Annual MBA Strategy Case Competition February 10-12, 2011. The following twelve schools participated: Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State, Purdue, Baylor, Iowa State, Miami University, Connecticut, and Notre Dame. Teams were composed of four full-time MBA students. Keep reading to hear more details about this exiting event!

  • The Forte Foundation Names an Illinois MBA "Fellow of the Month"!

    This month, our very own Jill Krivacek was named the "Forte Foundation Fellow of the Month". The Fort Foundation offers fellowships to women who are pursuing a full-time, part-time or executive MBA education at participating business schools. Fort Foundation Fellowships are intended to increase the number of women applying to and enrolling in MBA programs. In addition to the financial support provided through fellowships awarded by Fort member schools, fellows gain exposure to leading companies in the Fort network*. Jill has gained an immediate network that extends beyond the Illinois MBA. Upon her acceptance to the Illinois MBA, Jill was named a Forte Fellow, and with her recent appointment as the President of the MBAA, she is well-deserving of this honor. Keep reading to hear about her thoughts on the Foundation and how she feels about being a recognized Forte Fellow. *From:

  • Celebrating the Successes of Our Soon-to-be-Grads!

    One of the biggest stressors of MBA students is the ongoing job search. From the moment we step on campus, we are constantly thinking about our internship and our full-time job after graduation. It tends to weigh us down because the thought of not having something lined up can be discouraging. However, this blog entry is not about the stress of searching for our next career. Instead, we focus on Jen Schmidt and her new job! Jen recently accepted an offer to join the Corporate Marketing Team at PolyOne Corp. after she graduates in May. She will head to Cleveland in June to start her new role in the leadership rotational program. She sat down with us to give us the scoop on her new gig and how it's changed her perspective about finding the right job.

  • Meet Steve Sash - MBA Case Competition Extraodinaire!!

    By the time Steve Sash, first-year MBA, finishes his first-year in the MBA, he will have competed in 3 case competitions, which is a huge accomplishment for any graduate student. These competitions require a great deal of dedication, motivation and a willingness to think "outside the box". These competitions are a great experience because not only do they provide a unique opportunity to engage with real-world business conflicts, but they also allow our students to apply the theories and concepts they are learning in the classroom. The case analysis itself requires a serious commitment of time and dedication, but, according to Steve, the competition is well worth the work. Read more to hear about Steve's experiences...