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  • Meet Jon Chan

    Meet Jon Chan. Chan, who earned his bachelor's degree at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business in Computer Information Systems, hails from Chicago, IL. In addition to his academic load, Mr. Chan participates in extracurricular activities in various capacities. Serving as the president of Net Impact, an organization striving to involve in riding the trend of corporate social responsibility and long term sustainability, and CMO for the KOLA Foundation has assisted in readying him for a career in the corporate social responsibility field. AND on top of that, Jon Chan recently became engaged! A round of applause, please.

  • Checking In With the Interning MBAs

    Following Illinois MBA students matriculation through the rigorous first year curriculum, the majority of the class gears up for the customary summer internship. While not required by the school, most students allocate a significant portion of time during the school year to land the best internship possible in the area of business they plan to pursue. These summer internships present a proverbial golden opportunity to enter into the corporation of your choice, make an impact while there, and garner a full time job offer after its conclusion. The core purpose of these internships lies in ones ability to shape their job experience and showcase their ability to contribute in a real world environment. Students who accept internship offers receive them from companies ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 100, offering significant exposure to high profile organizations, a big plus for joining Illinois MBA.

  • Abby's Stop At CLOP

    As the week begins, we sat down with Abby Sullivan, a second-year MBA, who recently returned from north of the border at the Canadian Leadership Orientation Program (CLOP). CLOP, an initiative begun six years ago, involves the Association of Canadian Studies, based in the U.S., and the University of Ottawas Telfer School of Management in a joint venture, receiving support and funding from a number of prominent American and Canadian organizations. The programs primary objective focuses on educating international students about the political and business systems in Canada and to use that knowledge to show how the North American countries can use their unique relationships to increase trade and business among the three countries. Abby shared some of her experience with the Student Life Blog, so lets check out what she had to say!

  • Where Are They Now? Kristen Lisa

    Good morning, all! For this week's first entry, we sat down with recent MBA graduate and former Student Life blogger, Kristen Lisa. Though she has progressed to greater endeavors, Kristen Lisa made certain to leave her imprint on the Illinois MBA program, boasting success in the classroom and beyond. In addition to her aforementioned involvement, Lisa co-coordinated the Class of 2012s student orientation, thriving in a pivotal role in students acclamation to the program and overall comfort level with Illinois MBA. Now that the introduction is out of the way, Kristen Lisa, everyone!

  • Illinois MBA in Indianapolis

    Illinois MBA will be represented in Indianapolis this evening at 6 p.m. at The Omni Severin Hotel (40 W. Jackson Place, Indianapolis, IN 46225). Dean Victor Mullins, one of the most influential figures at U of I, serves as the host for tonights engaging information session, which breaks down the intricate details of the Illinois MBA program.

  • Conference Me In

    As an MBA student, certain affinity groups exist to expand the nature in which networking and further support are available. The associations, while targeting a particular demographic, welcome all people interested in gaining membership. Their most popular and widely noted events in the MBA world lie in the national conferences strategically placed in various locations.