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  • Wall Street Prep Professional Development Workshop

    The MBA program hosted a “Wall Street Prep Technical Finance Interview Workshop” on Friday, January 18. This session is part of the MBA Professional Development program that is open to all full-time MBA students. 

  • India GCP: The Last Chapter

    As I sit at home in Illinois writing this final blog entry, I still can't believe that less than two days ago I was halfway around the world, and that I have been on 3 continents in the last 48 hours!  Our last moments in India were fun ones, and the trip home was an interesting one for some of us, too!

  • GCP India: Chennai

    After visiting two of Asia's largest and greatest cities, many on our trip were uncertain what to expect from India's fourth largest city, Chennai.  What we've found here are friendly people, a very traditional society, and a local economy that's growing and increasing in opportunity.  And as we'd come to learn, not only does Chennai make for an interesting visit, but the rural parts of Tamil Nadu state offer much more than we expected.

  • GCP India: Mumbai and Chennai

    Wow!  It's been a few days since I've been able to sit by a computer and log an entry from our latest round of travels in India.  I've always felt that time away from my journal is the sign of a fast-paced,. active trip, and that's exactly how I would describe the last few days for the India GCP team.

  • India Global Consulting Program (GCP) Trip

    Our experience in India has only lasted 3 days, and already it's been a terrific and utterly unforgettable trip!  

    We arrived in India (via Switzerland) in the wee hours of December 31st.  Our flights to New Delhi were certainly long (8.5 hours from Chicago to Zurich, and 7.5 hours from Zurich to New Delhi), but they were otherwise comfortable and hassle-free.  Upon arrival at the New Delhi Airport, our team  disembarked from the plane ready for adventure - But first, we needed to overcome some serious jet lag!  (New Delhi is 11.5 hours ahead of Champaign, as we're literally halfway across the world from UIUC!)  After leaving the airport, we promptly headed for the Hotel Vikram, and spent the better part of the morning recovering from 18 hours of travel.  


  • Winter Kola Trip

    Kola, the non-profit organization run by Illinois MBA students sent five students to Rapid City, South Dakota over winter break to assist with the Lakota Nation Invitational (LNI) High School Business Plan Competition.  Current students Melissa Chua, Brittany Hopper, James Cantu, Aaron Kumar and Shelly Wohadlo traveled to Rapid City December 18-22nd to attend the event and judge the competition.  In preparation for the competition, Kola members created an instructional video for high school students: “How to Create a Business Plan.”  The videos were distributed to participating high schools to help students better prepare for the event.


  • Holiday Networking Event

    The MBA program hosts Networking Events once a month, giving students the chance to connect with their peers in the both the Full-time and Professional programs, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporate sponsors over appetizers and drinks!  The December 2012 Networking Event had the special theme of Holiday Traditions.  Steven Rodriguez, first-year MBA student and MBAA President Elect, brightened the festivities by dressing up as Santa Claus and passing out candy canes.  We also had a delicious spread of holiday snacks including traditional Jewish foods eaten during Hanukkah, and nuts and dried fruit typically eaten during the Persian festival of Yalda.



  • MBA Extraordinary Achievement Award Ceremony

    The MBA Extraordinary Achievement Award Ceremony is held each semester to recognize students who have gone above and beyond the minimum requirements of being an Illinois MBA student.  The event, held November 14 in the BIF Commons, gave students a chance to gather, network, and celebrate the achievements of their classmates.  Full-time and Professional MBA students were nominated by classmates, faculty and staff in recognition of the following: