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  • Interview With Jackie Wilson

    Jackie Wilson, Director of Admissions, is retiring.  For Jackie Wilson, what started off as a 6-week assignment turned into a 12-year journey at the University of Illinois.  In this interview, Jackie reflects on her past successes, fondest memories, and deepest challenges.  She also looks to the future, shares her future ambitions and parts with sage advice for our students...

  • May Week Fireworks

    I know, I know, it's June, not May. But as it happens, the English think differently. I'm in Cambridge, England, getting settled into an MBA consulting internship with a premier business incubator (thanks to the international consulting experiences I've gained through the Innovation Immersion Program), and Cambridge students have just finished an intense round of final exams... 

  • The (2nd) 1st Day At Work

                    After nine months of B-school and a quick trip to China, my summer officially started as I moved back to my old apartment in Lakeview (north-side of Chicago) at the end of May.  Within a week, still jetlagged, I started my LDP internship at AT&T.  I can still remember how nervous and anxious I was when I started my first day in my old job straight out of college, but this time was much different...