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  • Updating campus DNS authoritative servers

    The last stage in the campus DNS re-architecture project is to replace our legacy authoritative DNS servers with the DNS appliance servers. -> ->

    The first step in this change was to update all delegated zones, which is now complete. We plan to implement the rest of this change in two phases.

    Note: No action is required on your part (unless you hardcode any of the legacy name servers in your scripts/applications). This should be a transparent change and we don't expect any DNS outages while implementing this change.

    1) Add the appliance DNS servers to our list of authoritative name servers on Thursday, Feb 24th, 2011. The resulting list will be:

    We will then monitor load for a few weeks and make any tweaks, if necessary.

    2) Remove legacy DNS servers from our list of authoritative name servers during Spring Break 2011. The resulting list will be:

    Although these changes will modify the list of our authoritative DNS servers that we advertise, we will not be decommissioning the legacy servers at this time.

    If you have any questions related to this change, please email or leave a comment.

    Subhan Malick

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