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  • Team Player Award: The IT Excellence Team

    IT Excellence Team: 2010 ACME Award Recipients
    IT Excellence Team: 2010 ACME Award Recipients

    The team player award this year actually goes to a team. This group of communications professionals came together from across campus to address an opportunity to build the Illinois brand by leveraging our strength in information technology.

    No one had assigned them to this project, but they saw an opportunity…a possibility…and they ran with it. The result is a beautiful and information-packed web site that reflects the innovative environment of our campus, as well as the creativity and excellence that we think of when we say Illinois.

    The site showcases historical achievements, as well as ground-breaking discoveries happening right now. And it does that through the stories and images of the people who conduct the research and the scholarship that makes Illinois synonymous with IT Excellence.

    For reaching out and building a team to share our message of Illinois excellence with audiences around the world, it is my pleasure to give the Team Player award to the IT Excellence team…in alphabetical order…

    Cindy Ashwill, GSLIS; Celia Elliott, Physics; Kim Gudeman, Coordinated Science Lab; Mona Heath, Office of the CIO; Sue Johnson, Beckman; Jennifer La Montagne, Computer Science; Tom Moone, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Phil Pochrzast, LAS (ATLAS); Kim Schmidt, GSLIS; Judy Tolliver, I-Cubed

#1 Sep 11, 2010 11:56 am
You can view the IT Excellence website at Poke around and see the people driving the evolution of the "Information Age."

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