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  • Sharing Healthy Family Meals on SNAP-- It's a lot of work!

    For my Food and Family class I decided to cook three dishes that were healthy and within a SNAP budget. What I discovered is it is a lot of work and is not always consistent with principles of sharing healthy family meals. First, it took a lot of planning. Rather than selecting what was fresh, local, or what I was in the mood for I had to search for recipes that would be within a budget. This took more time than I had hoped. Second, shopping at the grocery store took way too much time. I had to go back and forth across different aisles to make sure I was getting the best deals, was frustrated that I couldn't buy a can of diced tomatoes on sale (which would go great with the quesadillas) because it was out of my budget, and purchased brands I had never heard of to save a few cents.

  • Welcome to the Food and Family Blog

    There is evidence to support that the time families spend around food has the potential to contribute to health and well-being. Yet we also know that over 17 millions households were food insecure in 2008, a 36% increase over the previous year. Children that are raised in food insecure households are at increased risk for compromised immune function and higher hospitalization rates during infancy and are at increased risk for school readiness, achievement, behavioral and socio-emotional problems during early childhood and elementary school years. We have asked our affiliates and Food and Family Research Program students to join us in taking the SNAP Hunger Challenge and blogging about the experience. The challenge asks that you live on $4.50 a day for seven days, which is the average SNAP benefit (formerly known as food stamps) for an individual in Illinois.