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  • $4.50 in Perspective

    $4.50 in Perspective Hunger Challenge Week, sponsored by Feeding Illinois members, challenges you to live on $4.50 a day for seven days. $4.50 a day, including beverages and not counting food that you already have? That amounts to around $30.00 a week. When I heard that, it got me thinking what a small amount of money that is. I spend a lot more than $4.50 every day without even thinking about it, on stuff that I don't really need. The SNAP challenge made me think a little bit more about said purchases. For example...

  • Food and Family Students SNAP Hunger Challenge - Chris Bulaon

    For the SNAP Hunger Challenge, I cut out a few coupons from the Penny Pincher coupon book that I had received in the mail. I picked the cheapest items from the coupon book because I would have had to make the food I bought from the grocery store last all day. Plus, I would think that using coupons during the Hunger Challenge is reasonable because a lot of people who are on SNAP benefits rely heavily on coupons on a daily basis.