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  • Illini Pride

    One of the greatest things about being an Illini is the sense of pride that accompanies our BIG 10 athletics. The support that our students display for the 21 men and women’s NCAA sports is unmatched across the nation, and the Illinois culture of drive and achievement is evident in its translation to all university athletic programs.

    The organization that inspires much of our school spirit is Illini Pride. My experience in being a part of Illini Pride has led to some of my favorite memories on campus, especially as a member of the Orange Krush, which is recognized as one of the greatest fan bases in the country that also strives to make a positive impact in the community. Cheering on our nationally ranked volleyball team is incredibly exciting, and seeing the buzzer-beater win over Missouri during last year’s men’s basketball season is an experience I will never forget.

    As we approach the height of winter sports, I am looking forward to some great seasons from various Illini teams. Whether the sport that sparks your Illini pride is basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, or all of the above, our athletic programs provide an outlet for every student to express the passion we all share for the University of Illinois!

  • Calling All Women Interested in Business!

    Women today are playing an increasingly large role in shaping the future of a traditionally male-dominated world of business. Everyday women are assuming new roles as leaders and innovators within the most successful and renowned companies and corporations. The University of Illinois College of Business wants to be a part of your journey to success in business.

    In just a few short weeks, the College of Business will host its annual Future of Women in Business Conference in Chicago. At the event, prospective business students will have the opportunity to engage in fun activities, listen to inspiring speakers, and network with current students in order to learn about life as a University of Illinois College of Business student.

    We are excited to meet you and hope to see you there!


  • Class Registration

    Fall semester has gone by too fast and I can’t believe I am registering for my last semester. The past three years I have always gone to my advisor to make sure I am registering for my required classes. Advisors at U of I are always willing to help and tell you what to expect from each class based on their experience and knowledge.

    There are advisors and staff in the College of Business that takes a personal interest in students to coach them through their U of I career. I personally have had a couple of people who have always made sure my classes are going well and have advised me on classes that are essential for me to graduate on time.

    Registering can be a little bit confusing the first time, but with a little help from advisors and upperclassmen they makes it less challenging. Once you know which classes you are taking it takes about 5 minutes to register and get your schedule ready for the following semester. At U of I staff and faculty is willing to help create a friendly environment.  If I had the opportunity to choose a college to attend again, it would be the University of Illinois- College of Business without hesitation.


  • It's Recruiting Season!

    Info of the first weeks of school including Career fair, interviews, and other Events

  • Hey What's Up Hello

    Hello! My name is Ashley and I am also a newbie this semester on the College of Business Admissions team. My freshman year, I participated in the College of Business Ambassador Program, through which I took a prospective student each week to one of my classes and then out to lunch afterward. I loved having the opportunity to share my experiences and it was incredibly rewarding to see the prospective students on campus the following year. After such a phenomenal experience, I am thrilled to be working with admissions again.

    When I'm not in class pursuing my majors in Supply Chain Management and Marketing, I serve as a project manager for a consulting group on campus called Students Consulting Non-Profit Organizations (SCNO). Through my involvement in this organization, I have had the opportunity to serve various non-profit organizations in the Champaign-Urbana community as well as learn about the consulting field, where I hope to pursue a career upon graduation. I also actively participate in an organization called Business Council, which is made up of hard-working and committed members that have not only been like family to me but a source of inspiration and motivation.

    Outside of school, you can find me spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, or practicing yoga.

    Feel free to stop into BIF 1055 if you have any questions, I'd love to meet you!

  • New Kid on the Block @ 1055

    Hello everyone, this is Rose LaBelle, one of your newest Admissions Team members! I hope you are enjoying the lovely fall weather we have been having this week amidst the chaos and excitement life may be bringing you! As any new member in any organization or work environment, I felt it was right for me to provide a more formal introduction of myself. 

    I am from Wheaton, Illinois and grew up in a home as the sixth of eight kids. Growing up in a large family facilitated my outgoing personality, and I am so glad that I have found a new home here on campus in the College of Business! As a sophomore, I am planning to double major in Marketing and Buiness Process Management and minor in Art & Design. Ultimately, I am hoping to combine my passion for art and my natural people skills in order to pursue a career that enables me to express myself creatively. My ultimate dream would be to land in the fashion and retail industry!

    Outside of school, I am also rigorously involved in Phi Gamma Nu Professional Business Fraternity, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, and National Retail Federation. Through these involvements, I have been able to meet such inspiring people and create a well rounded college experience for myself. My free time is typically spent hanging out with family and friends, going on runs, or enjoying the oudoors. 

    Overall, I am incredibly grateful for all that the College of Business has provided me with thus far in my college career. From going abroad through the Business Honors Program, to meeting the outstanding faculity, to being surrounded by amazing students on a daily basis, I could not ask for a better home away from home! 

  • Hello from 1055 BIF!

    Hello, everyone! With the new school year in full swing, the Admissions Team is excited to continue our weekly blog posts to bring you helpful insights straight from the heart of the College of Business.

    As one of the newest members of the team, I would like to begin by introducing myself. My name is Emily Rock, and I am a sophomore planning to study Supply Chain Management and Marketing with a minor in Spanish. I am from a small farming community called Varna, IL, so moving to a school with over 40,000 students was quite a transition! Despite this culture shock, I have loved every minute at U of I, and I can’t imagine spending my next three years anywhere else.

    Although I do love homework and studying, what I’m involved with outside of the classroom (or lecture hall) is what has truly allowed this campus to feel like home. Within the College of Business, I have been fortunate enough to hold various leadership positions in Business Council, a student-led organization with a primary focus on professionalism, social networking, and philanthropy. Being a Resident Advisor at Bromley Hall has also allowed me to step outside my identity as a business student and experience the many different aspects that make up the University of Illinois.

    From traveling abroad to experiencing a summer internship, I have been provided with countless opportunities to facilitate personal and professional growth through the College of Business. I have truly found where I belong on campus, and I hope to assist others in discovering the same feeling. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below or email us at admissions@business.illinois.edu!


  • A Culture for Startups

    If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: UIUC feels like it has the benefits of a small school while still having the resources of a large BIG-10 campus.  There are so many neat and innovative things happening on this campus because students want to work with each other on projects that utilize their unique skill-sets.  Like many other engineering and business students, my friends and I got the itch to start our own company and try to develop something new! 

    This past summer, a few friends and I started working on a mobile app development company.  Without giving too many of the fun details away, our app is like a mix between twitter and google maps on your phone.  Building the business, working with our developers from Microsoft, and seeing the app develop over the past few months has been an extremely rewarding experience. While we are just one of the many startups on campus, we are constantly reminded at just how cool of an area Champaign/Urbana actually is and how lucky we are to have access to such great resources.   

    UIUC fosters a culture of innovative thinking and design.  Popular Mechanics recently named Champaign/Urbana as the 11th best startup city in America.  From my experience on campus, I believe this to be true.  Interestingly enough, UIUC made way for many innovative products and services that we use today.  Companies like YouTube, FarmVille, PayPal, Tesla, AirBnB, and Netscape all got there start here on campus.  

    If you want to go to a university that challenges you to be the best you can be and create new and innovative products, Illinois is surely the place for you. Now it's my turn to ask you: What will you develop?

    Landen Crews, Senior | Marketing


    To find out more about the startup culture on campus, visit the Technology Entrepreneurship Center website: http://tec.illinois.edu/about/. 

  • Getting My Life On Track: Things to Include in Your Planner

    Hey All! 

    It has been a while since I last posted so I'll take the time to introduce myself. My name is Ron Lewis and I'm an Accounting major and I hopefully plan on minoring in Technology and Management as the decision of whether I got accepted to the program or not comes out soon!

    This semester I have gotten a new planner that will help me to schedule ahead and hopefully get a higher GPA. I would definitely recommend using some type of planning technique or book so you won't have to keep everything in your head and possibly forget an important date or deadline. 

    So here are a couple of things that I have included in my planner: 

    1. Different events for Organizations: Being in so many organizations, it gets difficult to decide which events to go to each week and to remember what time they start. So before the week starts, I try to plan out the specific events that I want to go to for each organization so that I can plan to at least go to one event for every organization weekly.
    2. Exams with a Two-week Notice: Throughout my college experience, I have found that the 3 to 4 day cramming typically doesn't work for me. So in my planner I have included a two-week notice in my planner that tells me to begin studying for exams. Now this doesn't mean that I study all night for two weeks straight. This just allows me to really break down all the materials for a test and make a strategic approach to studying for an exam. 
    3. To-Do lists: Often throughout the day, I always remember something that I need to do for class or for one of my organizations. Whether its a book that I need, or a meeting for an organization, as soon as it pops into my head, I try to right it down so that I won't forget it. 
    4. Homework Assignments: Homework adds up in college and it takes a big percentage of many of my classes. So to prepare myself, I try to write out all of my assignments in my planner when they are given as well as the due dates to make sure that I don't forget any assignments.  

    Using my planner has really allowed me to get ahead of all my classes and start my semester on the right track! Hopefully this blog can help you get your life on track as well!

    Good luck on the 2nd half of the school Year!



  • Tips for Incoming Students!

    Hello everyone! As the spring semester begins, students on campus are busy adjusting to their classes and responsibilities. New classes, new teachers, new classmates. It can all be overwhelming, especially for incoming and underclassmen students. However, with these following tips and tricks, you will adjust to life on campus seamlessly!

    1. Get Involved As Soon As Possible. Of course this is easier said than done, however it is essential.  Here on campus we have an event in the beginning of Fall semester called Quad Day. This event includes a great variety of registered student organizations (or RSOs) of all different interests. In the College of Business, we have Business Quad Day a few days after Quad Day. At this event, all of the business organizations get together in the courtyard of the Business Instructional Facility (BIF). I really enjoyed both of these events and highly recommend them for all incoming students. 

    2. Network, Network, Network. As a business student, the word networking will become part of your everyday vocabulary. College is a great place to meet people who can offer unique perspectives and opportunities for you. You should network with professors, students, faculty, and professionals that come to campus. You never know when one meeting could lead to your future career. 

    3. Prioritize…but be realistic. To-do lists will become your best friend if they aren’t already. Staying organized is the key to being successful in college and later on in your career. By prioritizing your responsibilities, you will be able to be successful in your organizations and classes. These two areas will take up most of your time while in school, so by staying organized you will be able to have “free” time to enjoy other activities and hobbies. 

    4. Me time. The previous tip brings me to this very important one. It is so so so important to take time to do the things you love, whether that is reading your favorite book, listening to music, or going to a movie. Hobbies should not stop in high school. College is a great time to pick up new hobbies as well! We have over 1,000 RSO’s here on campus, and if you don’t find one you love you can start one yourself.

    5. Use your gym membership! Here at the University of Illinois we are very lucky to have amazing facilities like the ARC and CRCE. These facilities not only have great exercise equipment, but they also offer group classes. It can be hard to be motivated to work out - trust me I understand. However, exercise is one thing we should all prioritize. Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. Happy people are bound to enjoy college significantly more! 

    As always, feel free to leave comments or questions below, and we’ll do our best to reply promptly!