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  • Halfway There

    We’ve finally crossed into the second half of the semester! That means the first wave of midterm exams are complete – that we may, or may not, be feeling good about. If that last exam crept up on you and you found yourself wishing you could pause time to clock in a few extra hours of studying, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. As a current senior, I’ve seen my fair share of classroom habits and I’m here to pass on some of my favorites.

  • It's Okay To Be Unsure

    If you were to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up when I was five years old, I would have said a princess. If you were to ask me the same question at age ten, I would have said a teacher. At age fifteen, I would have said a journalist. Entering college, I was asked the same question, and my response was, “I have no clue.” At every point in my life I had some sort of idea of what I wanted to do, except for the time when I actually needed to know what I wanted to do. Or so I thought I had to know. I felt so uneasy not having a major set in place. I had so many friends who knew exactly what they were going to study and what kind of career they wanted to pursue. I felt behind and lost. The reality, however, is that it’s okay not to know what you want to do. You don’t have to know coming into school. By taking different classes and taking advantage of all the resources here for you at the University of Illinois, with time, you will figure out what your passions are and you will gain clarity. So please don’t feel stressed or worried that you don’t have a set plan. Instead, find freedom in the fact that you can explore many different options and have an incredible about to choose from. View it as an opportunity instead of a hindrance. I’m now a junior and twenty years old. While I have a major set in place and certain ideas of what I want to do, I’m not exactly sure where I’ll end up. The future will always be unknown. But that’s the fun part.

  • Homecoming Season

    Nothing makes me happier than to walk outside and breathe the fresh autumnal air on this campus. The colors are changing everywhere, and there is not a prettier sight than the greens changing to oranges and reds. Clubs on campus are getting into the spirit of things: October Lover’s Club is kicked into high gear, dorms started decorating for Halloween, and Espresso Royale changed its menu to incorporate apple cider basically into every drink. I think you can tell autumn is my favorite season- but there is something about autumn on this campus specifically. Going to Curtis Apple Orchard a few miles off campus is one of the highlights of the fall season, not just because they have amazing apple donuts and cider, but because I get to spend it with my friends! All of campus is joining in on the fun, and I can’t wait to see all the upcoming bonfires, carved pumpkins, and homecoming festivities.

    Homecoming week kicked off this past Friday October 18th, with the campus wide volunteer initiative called iHelp. Students spend this day volunteering in various parts of campus and in the Champaign- Urbana community. Alumni all across the world can also volunteer in whatever area they live in on this day in respect to the Alma Mater. In addition to that, there are a whole bunch of activities like the ‘Illini Block Party’ as well as the Homecoming Parade that take place all this week to get students and alumni excited for the upcoming weekend’s football game. Best of luck to everyone on upcoming midterms! Go Illini!

  • The Joys of Case Competitions

    It’s that time of the year where you look at your schedule and automatically feel stressed!  Right now, many students like myself are busy with midterms, case competitions and interviews for internships. 

    Last week, four of my friends and myself competed in the Boeing Business Case Competition.  A Case Competition is where a company presents students with a problem the company is currently dealing with and a team has the opportunity to present their solution to the company.  

    In the competition, Boeing presented Illinois students with a supply chain problem they are currently dealing with, and it was our task to come up with a solution to their problem and present it to their Supply Chain team.  I was proud of our team for placing 2nd out of the ten teams.  Even though we did not win the competition, it was still a gratifying experience as we have all received interviews for various positions within Boeing.  It’s such a rewarding experience to work in a group of dedicated students who all push each other to do their best work.  I can say that the group of students I had the opportunity to work with are some of the most talented and driven students I know. 

    One of the best aspects of my Illinois experience thus far has been the opportunity to collaborate as a group on various projects and cases.  The College of Business provides students with many opportunities to work with real companies in real world situations though case competitions and consulting projects.  Case competitions build on the skills learned in the classroom while providing real world experience in a practical setting. 

    Until next time,

    Landen C

  • Welcome! The Experience Begins...

    Hello Everyone! My name is Abhinav Brahmamdam and I am a sophomore majoring in Finance and Accountancy. I’m excited to be blogging my first post on the College of Business Website! Before we delve into any more details, I just want to say how happy I am to be studying here at the University of Illinois and specifically the College of Business. Selecting a college was one of the toughest decisions on my life and the College of Business has truly become my home! The College of Business really has the small school environment that fits in so well with the atmosphere of a large, Big Ten school that U of I is. There are so many opportunities to fulfill your dreams here on this campus and it will truly be four years that you will remember for the rest of your life!

    Going back a bit, I am from Springfield, IL and went to Springfield High School (I know, such an original name). Other than having the great pleasure of blogging for the College of Business, I am involved in a few other organizations on campus. I am currently the Alumni Relations Chair in Phi Gamma Nu Professional Business Fraternity and am a First-Year Consultant in Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations. There are so many way to make an impact on this campus and if I could leave you with one key takeaway it would be to Get Involved! Trust me, the more involved you are, the greater your college experience will be.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me and post comments to all of the blogs. Good luck with everything and I look forward to hearing from all of you!

  • A New Adventure in Life!

    Hello Everyone!  My name is Landen Crews and this is my first and official blog post for the College of Business admissions team.  I am currently a junior in Marketing & Information Technology and I am proud to call Marshall, Illinois my home.  While growing up in Marshall, I was active in a variety of activities including 4-H, FBLA, my church’s youth group and was an avid supporter of all Marshall’s sports teams. Go Lions!

    I am VERY excited to be writing on a variety of topics throughout the next several months and would love to hear of any ideas that you all want me to write about!  If you have any questions about life at Illinois and the College of Business or want me to write a post on a specific topic, feel free to email me at lcrews2@illinois.edu as I am more than happy to answer any of your questions. 

    Until next time, 

    Landen Crews


  • Pop That Bubble!

    We go to a school of 40,000 students and yet we always seem to forget how many resources and activities are provided to us each and every day on this campus.  It is easy to fall into a “bubble of comfort” after adjusting to the initial year on campus.  However, UIUC promotes such a diverse, and involved campus that it is not hard to go outside of your comfort zone.  In fact, speaking from a personal experience, some of the best times I have had in college is when I took a leap of faith and joined a club that none of my friends were in, or tried a new restaurant on campus!  There is so much to do on campus that there is literally not one second to be bored.   Watching a show at Krannert, volunteering in the community outside of campus, exploring downtown Champaign- these are all underrated things that could be one of the best memories you have from college.  We are given but only four years to enjoy this amazing campus, so let’s pop that bubble and step outside of our comfort zones!

  • Getting Involved on Campus

    “You can make a big school small, but you can’t make a small school big.”  Hearing this was one of the defining moments in my college experience.  Within the first week of school, I attended Quad Day.  Quad Day cannot be described in words, it is one of those things that you have to see in person to fully grasp.  Seeing the hundreds of tables with their slogans and free giveaways, it was easy to feel overwhelmed- but that was the best part- there was an infinite amount of things you could do on campus.  And if you didn’t find something you wanted to do (which was near impossible), then you could start a club yourself that did do whatever it was. 

    I realized early in the school year that I wanted to be a part of a professional organization as well as a social organization on campus.  Recruitment for both these types of organizations was not only right at the beginning of the semester, but also around the same time.  Though I was kept busy at the beginning running from meeting to meeting, I finally found my niche within Business Council and a sorority here on campus.  These two organizations gave me outlets for different things.  When I needed to relax and take a load off, I could partake in social events.  When I wanted to buckle down and get work done, I could do homework with my friends in Business Council.  Overall, getting involved has helped me find my niche within a big school.  This involvement however should never take away from school work.  This balancing act doesn’t come easy, but when you finally learn how to juggle the group projects and meetings, it all becomes worth it. 

  • Back and Better Than Ever

    The year has started back up again and I can feel the excitement everywhere!  I’m returning for my third year on campus, and it feels so strange to call myself an upperclassman.  Information sessions with companies have never seemed more important, and I’ve never been to BCS (Business Career Services) more times than this week.  That being said, I would like to offer up some advice to some of the younger folks in the College of Business: Don’t wait to get involved!


  • Career Fair

    The College of Business students can emit a sigh of relief now that the career fair is over! Last week, September 18th- 20th, we hosted 236 companies for our fall career fair. This is a great opportunity for students to meet recruiters, ask questions about various leadership conferences, internships and full-time positions that each company is offering. As required in the curriculum of Business 101, all freshman College of Business students were in attendance. Most undergraduate and graduate students attend in search of networking and job opportunities, as this is a great way to gain exposure to various companies. This three-day event truly attests to the College of Business’ remarkable student talent and how eager companies are to recruit our students. Complete with business professional attire, a revised resume and some individual company research, each student has the opportunity to attend as many days as they choose and talk to as many companies as they wish. While some students find this to be a nerve wrecking time, it is the key stepping stone to building that relationship with a potential employer. Now that the career fair is over, interviewing season is just around the corner. Good luck everyone!