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  • Please Ask Away!

    Hello Everyone! Thanks for checking out this post! On this blog in general, you will be able to find the answers to all of your questions about college life, internships, classes, and just overall what it is like being in the College of Business . Ask us anything. Really, anything. That said, I would like to first introduce myself then go into a little bit into why I chose this school and what I am currently involved with. My name is Luis Farias. I am a Sophomore in the College of Business majoring in Information Systems/Information Technology. Originally from the Southeast Side of Chicago, I now live in Hammond, Indiana. Although it is not far from where I used to live, it's hard not saying, "yea, Im from Chicago" anymore, after living there for over 16 years. My mom still has a hair salon in Chicago on 95th and Commercial, if you ever need a haircut, just putting it out there though. I attended St. Lawrence Seminary High School, a boarding high school in Wisconsin (you can ask me about that later), but many of my friends have attended schools in Chicago and so I am familiar with many of those schools.

  • Deloitte ISBF in Greece

    It's been awhile! It's crazy to think about how fast this semester has flown by! Life in the College of Business has been exciting, challenging, and super rewarding. This week is the first week back from Spring Break, and as most people say, the year flies by from here. We have about four weeks of class left until finals, which is simply crazy! This year, I had an amazing Spring Break trip. Except, I wouldn't really call it a "Spring Break trip"...it was not your standard cross-country travels with friends! I was in Athens, Greece with Deloitte!