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  • Registering for Classes

    As this semester comes to a close, all the students here are thinking about which classes to take next semester. Students in the College of Business must fulfill their University requirements as well as their College of Business requirements (also known as the "Business Core" requirements). If you don't plan ahead it can get difficult and confusing to stay on track. But if you meet with your counselor or an older student it can be really simple.

  • Leadership Opportunities

    We're all back from Thanksgiving Break and gearing up for the rush before finals. For those people heavily involved, which should be everyone, that means one other thing: leadership turnover! Around this time of the year, many organizations select new leaders. For freshmen who got involved right away this Fall, that means they can lead organizations in just their second semester here.

  • Less Than a Week Until Thanksgiving Break...But It's Leadership Time!

    We're gearing up for our last week before Thanksgiving Break, which is always an exciting time of year. Group projects are wrapping up, classes are starting to wind down, and exams are right around the corner! Even with all that, it's one of my favorite times of year for a completely different reason--RSO Leadership!

  • Dad's Weekend

    This coming weekend is Dad's Weekend on campus. It is one of my favorite weekends because I miss my dad throughout the year! It is a perfect excuse to hang out with my dad and let him get a feel for what I do while I'm away at school. There are so many sporting events to check out this weekend. My dad and I are going to the Men's Hockey game on Friday night. My dad has been anticipating this night for some time, ever since we asked me to buy reserved tickets two monthis ago. :) Saturday morning we plan to wake up early to tailgate. The rest of my family is also coming down Saturday morning to enjoy the day and football festivities with us. Hopefully our team will bounce back from the past few disapointing games. My dad and I are planning on going to the Women's Volleyball game with my roommates and their dads on Saturday night after the football game. We'll finish the weekend on Sunday morning with brunch at my sorority house. I cannot wait for what's in store for us this weekend. I haven't been able to hang out with my dad in a long time, so I am super excited to spend the whole weekend with him!

  • Mr. Business

    Monday night was one of my favorite philanthropies of the semester - Mr. Business! Mr. Business is a male beauty pageant for the men in the four business fraternities and Business council. It's hilarious to watch my friends compete in this silly competition every Fall.

  • Signs you know it's test time..

    Its is that time of year again, when everyone goes into their respected remote locations around campus; the Business Instructional Facility and its many corridors, to put in some hard earned hours before the clock strikes test time. Test preparations almost always get in the way of personal life, but have no fear freshman and prospective students, today is your lucky day. I am going to share with you the list of signs one may start to notice when preparing for college exams. But don't worry young one (yoda's voice), this is just what happens when you go to one of the top business schools in America.