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  • That one special course

    Wow. Eighth semester on campus and it feels just like any other. Except I'm taking all the classes I've been putting off for four years. I finished up my GenEds last year, so my final semester on campus consists of 5 BADM classes (Business Administration, not Badminton).

    Four of the five classes are typical Business Process Management classes for my BPM major. Very fitting. Those fill up 13 credit hours. However, my fifth class that I added in early January is a class that I think I'm going to really love.

    See, at the end of last semester, a couple of friends and I found out that a professor (who will go unnamed) had taught a class about negotiations in the past for the law school. The course sounded really interesting and seemed like a good tool for anyone with a future in anything in mind. We asked the professor to offer the course again, for our final semester.

    She agreed to teach it. The budget didn't agree to let her teach it. So she agreed to teach it for free.

    Are you serious? A person who makes a livelihood out of education has agreed to give it up just for the pleasure of teaching us the topic? I LOVE THIS COLLEGE.

    The class is going really well. And I'm excited to dig deeper into negotiation techniques and ethics.

  • Rushing Business Fraternities

    When I came to the University of Illinois I knew I wanted -- and needed -- to find my niche among the thousands of students who attend school here. My first semester on campus I joined a social sorority. While I loved living with other girls and getting to know them better, I was looking to meet students with the same passion I had for business. It didn't take very long for me to find out about these 4 Business Fraternities on campus. I rushed second semester was delighted to accept my bid to Phi Gamma Nu!

    I can't believe it was already 4 semesters ago since I joined Phi Gamma Nu (PGN) in Spring 2010. I knew I was joining an incredible organization, the people I had met during the recruiting process were interesting, driven and many of them already had internships and full-time offers with an entire semester left before summertime.   It didn’t take long for me to start feeling comfortable within my new fraternity.  I attended weekly pledge meetings with my pledge brothers and went on a pledge retreat with the executive board.  PGN gave me so much in such a short period of time.  Whether we were at the United Center cheering on the Bulls, camping, ice skating, cleaning up local high ways or raising money for members who feel connected to various philanthropic organizations – there has never been a dull moment in PGN.  One of the things I love about my business fraternity is that we really do have FUN together.  We learn from each other and share our professional experiences, but we really do have a great time along the way.  As cheesy as it may sound, we really are a family – and that’s what makes these business fraternities on campus so special.

    The rush process can be a little intimidating, but I assure you if you go in with a positive attitude, you’ll get through it!  There are three different stages, the first one is an interview, the second is social and the third is a final interview.  I like that there are multiple stages -- you can meet the most amount of actives and really get to know the organization so you can make an informed decision if this is something you would really want to be a part of.

    I encourage each of you to get involved in a business organization like mine when you come to campus.  Go to info night and see for yourself how amazing these fraternities and clubs can be.  PGN is full of members who are truly dedicated to bettering one another.  I currently serve on the executive board of PGN and it is my honor to give back to an organization that has given me so much over the past two years.  If you have any questions about rushing a business fraternity or joining any of the business organizations on campus feel free to comment or shoot me an email!

  • Welcoming 2012 the Illini Way

    It's 2012 and all I can say is Happy New Years! I hope everyone spent the much deserved break filling their hearts and stomachs with the love from friends and family's hometown cooked food. As did I back in the land that I love the most, Houston, Texas (sorry Illinois). I can’t believe 2012 is already here! I can't lie that I expected flying cars and hover boards by now but it is incredible how time flies. It definitely doesn’t feel like I’ve been at U of I for one and a half years already. It feels just like yesterday when I was just a freshman walking through the halls of the College of Business wondering where the heck the Deloitte Auditorium was. It already feels like this year is going to be a lot of hard working lunches and long nights from studying and getting involved more around campus, but with a new year comes new courses that I would like to share with you.

    As far as my schedule goes, this is where I will be spending most of my day doing besides writing blogs for you guys.

    • “BADM 320: Principles of Marketing” 
    • “ECON 203: Economic Statistics” 
    • "ACCY 201: Intro to Accounting" 
    • “PORT 400: Intermediate Portuguese” 
    • “MATH 234: Business Calculus”

    So a new semester, new courses and a new year I’m excited and already looking forward to 2012 with its new challenges, ups, downs, and memories that are waiting around the corner! There will be many challenges, as there always are, but I know deep inside my heart that the U of I family will and is always up to those challenges. Can I get an I-L-L!!!





  • Back to School

    Four weeks of winter break went by way too quickly! I had an amazing time with my family for the first two weeks before leaving for the best vacation of my life so far. I went to Copper Mountain in Colorado for a week with 200 students from the University of Illinois. We took a 21 hour bus ride (the only bad part of the trip) before arriving at Copper for a week filled with skiing and snowboarding. I am a skier by trade, but I was able to spend a day taking snowboarding lessons. My body is still aching, but it was such an amazing experience. We stayed in beautiful condos at the base of the mountain and were able to explore the village at night after a long days of skiing. I was extremely reluctant to leave; I even contemplated missing the bus and staying in Colorado. :) Sadly, I made the trip back to Illinois, but I was able to spend another great with with my family. 

    I can't believe second semester is here already. I hit the ground running already by applying for the Accountancy Masters Program, a summer study abroad program to Granada, and winter internships for spring 2013. I can't believe how much has happened already in the last three days. Spring semester always seems to go by much faster than the fall. I am so excited for all the amazing opportunities that will come my way this semester.