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  • One last word

    Sadly, this will mostly likely be the last post that I create for the Undergraduate student blog...since I'm no longer an undergraduate student. I'll be moving to Las Vegas to start working for a production company (another alum, in fact).

    I am so incredibly speechless about my education and experience at the University of Illinois College of Business. I've tried probably 6 different times to summarize what I'm thinking and each time I just have to delete it because it isn't capturing what I'm trying to say.

    Giving up on deleting and just going with it, I'll say that every student looking for a college to call home for four years has his/her own set of needs that need to be met. And I cannot imagine of a world in which the University of Illinois College of Business would be unable to meet a student's needs. It is simple unfathomable to me.

    You go to a dean and say, "I want to start _________ in the College" and they say, "What do you need me to do to help?"

    You go to a professor and say, "Wow, I really bombed that exam. I guess I didn't really understand the material. What can I do to improve my situation?" and they say, "Why don't you stop by later and we'll find a solution that meets both our needs."

    You go to a classmate and say, "I have a job interview in 3 hours and I'm really nervous" and they say, "Let's run through some mock questions together."

    I know not everyone will have the exact same experience I had, and quite frankly, that's okay. Everyone is different and their experiences reflect that. And THAT is exactly why I can't imagine the Illinois College of Business failing to meet a student's needs; because the college recognizes that higher education needs to be a personalized experience.

    They gave me a customized experience. I was one of the 600+ students in my class at the Illinois College of Business, and for each time that I needed help, advice, or even employment, I was the only student in my class to them.

    It was an absolutely perfect experience.