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  • The Age Old Balancing Act

    Thanksgiving break is right around the corner, and with it comes relaxation and lots and lots of food. But as soon as we come back from break it will be Finals mania! This is always around the time when I think about the advice my parents gave me before coming to school: that balance is key to a healthy lifestyle. With so many ways to get involved, a rigorous set of coursework, as well as fun social events popping up everyday, it can be very hard to balance it all! It has taken me the last two years to realize how I balance studying, working out, and hanging out with friends.

    Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way:

    1. Study during non-test weeks. This allows you to skip over the stressful cramming right before tests, and actually allows you to absorb the material and truly understand it.


    1. When possible, refrain from ordering food to BIF. We all know especially around this time of the year it is easy to basically call the Business Instructional Facility our first home since we spend the majority of our day in classes or studying in the building. In my experience, it is always a good idea to take a study break and whip up a quick meal in your apartment.


    1. Take the time to go to the gym. Over the summer I started doing yoga, and I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Blocking off times in your day to workout at the gym is a great way to blow off steam.


    1. Remember to have fun. The College of Business at UIUC has a phenomenal academic program, and this is clearly demonstrated through the truly incredible faculty as well as interesting courses offered. That being said, it can be easy to get caught up in studying 24/7 to get the grades you want, but the best students have a great grasp on work life balance. Find that balance, and there is virtually no limit on what you can accomplish at this University.
  • Future Women in Business Fall Conference

    If you are a female, we have an exciting event coming up for you! It is the Future Women in Business Fall Conference and it is an event that I have been working on for the entire semester now. I came up with this idea as I thought back to how much I struggled with deciding what major to pursue in college. A lot of people recommended business, but I honestly didn’t really know what that entailed. I had this (very far off) perception that business was for outspoken and competitive individuals who sat at a desk all day long working with numbers and spreadsheets. I decided to heed the advice of others and I declared a major in business, not really looking forward to what I was getting myself in to. Now that I am a junior in the College of Business here at U of I, I laugh at my old perception of a career in business. There is such a vast array of things that you can do with a business degree – things that I never thought of. A degree in business can open the doors to so many opportunities and it is not a degree that restricts you to one specific industry. I want current high school girls to realize all of the different things that you can do with a business degree. The Future Women in Business Fall Conference provides a way for female high school students to learn just that. It is perfect for students who are considering a career in business, for people who are exploring what major to pursue, for people who feel lost on what to choose, and even for people who think that they could never see themselves in the business field. The event will consist of a keynote speaker, alumnae presentations on what they are doing with their ILLINOIS business degree, and a panel of current U of I students. The alumnae are from companies such as Google, Motorola Solutions, PwC, Groupon and others. It is an event that I wish I had the opportunity to go to when I was making my college and major decision. You will learn that business is even for someone who is soft-spoken, loves to bake, and wants to have a career that helps others – people like me.

    Where: The Illini Center – 200 S. Wacker Dr. in Chicago

    Date: Saturday, November 23rd

    Time: 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM

    Follow this link to register TODAY because space is limited: http://business.illinois.edu/undergrad/admissions/events.aspx.

    We hope to see you there!

  • First Blog

    Hi Everyone,


    Welcome to my first blog. I have never blogged before so this will be a new and interesting experience. Let me tell you a little bit more about me; I am a sophomore in the College of Business pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management and International Business. I was born in Guatemala City, and Spanish is my native language. When I came to the United States everything was different from what I used to do. One of the biggest challenges I faced was learning English, and I am sure that I will never stop learning it. But that didn’t stop me from getting accepted to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I went to Evanston Township High School where I had very good teachers and people who helped me succeed along the way.

    Why did I end up at U of I? I applied to different universities and I got accepted to all of them. What made the difference in my decision was that here at Illinois I found a welcoming place full of good people who are devoted to helping students like me thrive. Another reason for me choosing U of I was that wherever I go there is always someone who shares the same Alma Mater. This builds long friendships and great networking opportunity to better succeed in the real world.

    The decision to come to the College of Business at Illinois is one that I will never regret! I look forward to posting more throughout the year and hopefully get to meet you during an admissions event in the future. Go Illini!

  • Soaking in the Knowledge

    When I first started pre-school, I remember playing with blocks and learning the alphabet. In elementary school I learned how to multiply and divide. In middle school I learned how to read chapter books, and in high school I learned about the joys of physics. Thinking back to pre-school I remember going to school was my favorite part of the day. But somewhere along the way, school became more about passing tests and memorizing definitions, and I forgot about how great it was to actually learn and absorb knowledge. That all changed when I came to the University of Illinois. I still remember walking in my first class of freshman year, Philosophy 101, and making some of my first friends in college. That class, along with some of my other business courses has 100% shaped who I am today. Especially now, since I am learning about all the various functions within the business world- it has become crystal clear to me that I have fallen back in love with learning. Going to class is great not only because you are surrounded by your friends, but also because the knowledge you gain the classroom can really be applied out in the real world. Business 101 is a course that every freshman within the College of Business takes. I know, personally, I still think back to group projects in that class where we had to think through situations and use our problem solving skills. I actually have a full day of classes ahead today-and I honestly couldn’t be happier to spend my time learning interesting and applicable things!

    -Until next time