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  • Registration!

    It's hard to believe that I just registered for senior year classes!  All incoming freshman will register for their Fall 2014 semester over the summer!  It's important to plan the best schedule you can, balanced with required business classes but also fun general education electives.  Registration is all done electronically now, and it is as easy as selecting a course by day/time or professor.  As an incoming freshman, there are business core requirements that you will complete over your time here.  They include: 2 introduction to accounting, 1 introduction to finance, 4 business administration courses and 5 economics courses.  You will complete these courses either through AP credits (or similar) and by registering for each of these classes throughout your 8 semesters here.  

    A typical incoming freshman schedule would include Micro/Macro economics, possible math class, a public speaking course, and any gen. ed electives that you choose!  There are always opportunities to balance your schedule with an interesting course.  Some of my favorites include Servere and Hazardous Weather, Medical Ethics, Introduction to American Indian Studies, to name a few.  Check out the University of Illinois' Course Catalog page ( Click here) to see all of the subjects and different courses offered within that particular subject.  Definitely check out the course catalog prior to coming to campus for registration this summer!