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  • Hello everyone!

    Hi, everyone! I'm thrilled to be blogging my first post on the College of Business blog! My name is Billy Tabrizi, and I am a sophomore in the College of Business majoring in Accountancy. If I have one thing to tell everyone reading this, it's that I love U of I and the College of Business! And, if I have introductory advice to give before we get into all the nitty gritty awesome details throughout the year, it is to GET INVOVLED! There is so so much to do on campus and so many great opportunities to meet fantastic people whom you'll know for the rest of your life! But, we'll start out with some background information. I am from Vernon Hills, IL, and I went to the very creatively named Vernon Hills High School! Choosing a college was a really tough decision. I got into Notre Dame, Northwestern, Loyola, WashU, and Marquette. Ultimately, I wanted to have the best of big schools and small schools. The College of Business really has this "small school" feel within an amazing Big Ten university. I'm sure I'll have lots to say on this throughout the year, so there is just a sampling! Please feel free to email me questions and I'll reply to you AND post online if you'd like! Can't wait to hear from you! Good luck!

  • Hey, I'm Evan. New student blogger.

    Hey there, My name is Evan Thompson and I'm a junior in the College of Business, double-majoring in General Management and Business Process Management (yes, they're different topics, I swear). I was asked to write this blog as a student at the College of Business. I guess you could say I'm just a normal student at the College. I just got involved at the end of last year in the Office of Admissions as a student worker to create videos and stuff. When I found out they were looking for students to blog about their experiences in the College, I jumped at the chance. I like being involved in as many aspects of the College as possible. First of all, it gives me a fuller experience at the College, and secondly, it's almost impossible to not be involved. I'm off topic. Back to introductions. I'm originally from Bettendorf, IA, a nice little city on the Mississippi River. My parents are both U of I alumni, undergraduate and law school, so thats what got me thinking about the U of I to begin with. I thought about UCLA, NYU, and Illinois. It was either Film Production at UCLA or Business at Illinois, and I decided that Film was pretty specific, but Business is ubiquitous (and I can do business in the film industry). So that's who I am and why I'm here. If you have any questions from there, just shoot me an email (thompso8@illinois.edu). I look forward to sharing my experiences with you (and the whole Internet). =] Evan