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  • Advice from a Senior

    It feels like graduation is coming sooner than I expected - these past few weeks have been flying by. As I look back on my last 3 1/2 years at the University of Illinois and in the College of Business, I can only smile and laugh about the amazing memories I have created here. Of course we all have ups and downs, but now I've let the bad days pass and I will remember my college career by all of the good memories I've made. I wouldn't change my college experience for anything and want to share some of my tips for success.

    -Go for what you want. Each time I knew I wanted something, whether it was a postion in my sorority or business organization, or a good grade in a class, I put all of my effort into it. I had the fortune of running the College of Business Shadow Program and representing my sorority as Recruitment Chair, mainly because I put myself out there and worked hard.

    -Find time for yourself. I don't condone skipping classes, but let's just say every once in a while I needed a personal day. Make sure you take care of yourself throughout college. School and work can be stressful, but college is so much more fun and rewarding if you take a break from every day tasks and relax a bit.

    -Meet new people. I am leaving the university with so many more friends than I started with 3 1/2 years ago. I am lucky to still have a great relationship with my friends and roommate from freshman year, all the way to friends I have met in the last semester. Take time for others and work on your relationships. Your friends are going to be what matter most to you when you leave here!

    -Study hard: College can be difficult! Classes are harder than high school classes. You have so much more free time but also have the ability to be much less productive. You will be much happier leaving college with job offers because you took your classes seriously, than your peers who skipped class and are sitting around on their parents' couch after graudation.

    -HAVE FUN! Sounds simple, and it really is. Find what you love to do, and don't lose sight of that admist the stress of academics and work. You are only in college once, so live up your time here. Believe me, now that I'm at the end I wish I could replay my four years and do it all over again.

    These may seem like effortless things to do, but it's easy to get caught up during college and lose sight of what's going on aroud you. Enjoy your four years here! I feel extremely lucky that I am so bummed to leave college. It really shows that I have had an amazing time in the past few years. Here's to what's in store! Go Illini!