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  • Spring Break!

    I’m sure school work is picking up and the frigid weather are making people antsy, but there’s one thing we can all look forward to… Spring Break!  Spring break, one of the best weeks of second semester allows students an opportunity to be free from schoolwork and classes.  While on campus, there are so many different opportunities to take an awesome trip.  The College of Business offers sponsored trips to locations all over the world.  You can travel to Panama and utilize business skills to help improve the lives of local Panamanians.  Faculty and students travel to Costa Rica where they address social and economic issues of sustainability.  The third spring break trip takes place in India where students teach marketplace literacy through this international experience.  There are so many different opportunities to travel to less common countries and immerse yourself within the local culture.  These trips provide an opportunity to study abroad as soon as freshman year!

    Once you become acclimated on campus, different organizations that you can be a member of also offer trips of their own.  My professional business fraternity takes an annual spring break trip to a different Habitat for Humanity location across the United States.  Last year the group traveled to New Orleans and worked building homes and local community centers.  There are so many different philanthropic opportunities to take advantage of, internationally or domestically. 

     For more information about short-term international trips through the College of Business, checkout the web page of trips that were offered this year!


  • Interviewing 101

  • It's Cold Outside!

    Another semester has passed, but the cold weather is still here.  One great reason to be in a big and resourceful University is that the transportation system is very convenient. If it is freezing outside I can just take the bus. I don’t really have to walk to all my classes because the bus leaves me in front of the building where my classes are. Most bus stops have a screen with the times the buses arrive to that stop, so I don’t need to wait in the cold. Having this transportation system helps me stay warm and healthy so I can focus on my classes.


    No matter the weather outside the College of Business Facility is always warm and welcoming. I always do homework or chat with my friends in the atrium where it feels like I belong.

  • Career Fair Thoughts

    The Spring 2014 Business Career Fair is this Tuesday and Wednesday. Over 130 companies will be attending – looking to hire specifically University of Illinois students for internships and full-time positions. According to the Wall Street Journal, the University of Illinois is the #3 preferred institution for recruiters. Employers know and recognize the caliber of students that come from the ILLINOIS Business School and so they intentionally seek out our students to work for their companies. These companies are looking for students to fill such a variety of roles – from consulting, to marketing, to financial analysts, to sales, and more. The ILLINOIS College of Business does such a good job of providing opportunities such as a career fair with over 130 companies for students to advance.

    Career fair can be a little overwhelming the first time. You walk into the huge gymnasium and there is just a mob of black suits and portfolios. Each company has a booth and there are lines of students at each booth waiting to talk to the recruiters. Thankfully, freshmen year, everyone takes Business 101 which helps prepare you for career fair through resume critiques and perfecting your “elevator speech.” Business Career Services is also a huge resource in preparing for career fair. You can schedule a resume critique with an advisor or even an employer, do a mock interview, or just go talk to them about certain companies and soak in their advice.

    Often times, meeting a company at the career fair will lead to an interview and then an offer. I have an internship for the summer with Kohl’s Corporate and I first met them at the career fair in the fall. Another comforting fact, 92.5% of graduating seniors from the College of Business in 2013 had a full-time job or were in graduate school within three months of graduation. As intimidating as it can be, everything works out for the best. You just have to be confident in yourself and you will make a good impression.