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  • Open IT Pro/TUC Sessions for December

    We will have two open sessions in December for IT Pros and Telecom Unit Coordinators to come ask their questions.

  • Mac Users Share Their Experiences with UC Devices

    Outside of the CITES UC at Illinois device test plan results (also posted on the CITES Wiki), Lync Mac users from across campus have been sharing their device feedback on the CITES Wiki.

  • A Brief Device Demonstration

    As we move forward with the implantation of UC Voice, many people across campus are wondering about devices and equipment. We've created a very short video of just a few of the devices that are available for using the Unified Communications system. Remember, we recommend that you try to first test out the system without a device before purchasing a device.

  • Rate and Funding + Exchange Infrastructure Presentations Available

    At the Fall 2011 IT Pro Forum, we recorded two presentations that may be of interest to you. We recorded the rate and funding presentation and the exchange infrastructure presentation.

  • UC Voice Campus Kickoff Video Posted!

    The UC Voice Campus Kickoff was a success with three packed sessions on Monday, November 14, 2011.

  • ATAG Meeting Minutes Ready

    The Academic Telecommunications Advisory Group (ATAG) meets at least twice a month to provide guidance on the implementation of UC at Illinois. Both the September and October minutes of these meetings are now available.

  • UC Device Users Across Campus are Sharing Their Feedback

    Campus feedback on devices being used for UC at Illinois is starting to come back to the UC Program Office. Feel free to look over this feedback as we get it back and post it here to the blog.

  • UC Device Pricing Matrix Available to Campus

    As we mentioned last week, University Sourcing has solicited best pricing offers for devices that were a part of the CITES UC Device Test Plan and placed those devices for sale in special, newly created iBuy forms. Due to the fact that many users across campus do not have iBuy access, a new UC Device Matrix has been created on the CITES Wiki.

  • CITES UC Device Testing Results Are In...

    The CITES UC Device Test Plan had individual users test specific devices for integration and functionality with UC Voice.

  • Understanding UC Device Options

    All faculty, staff, graduate and professional students are welcome to take advantage of any and all of the future "Understanding UC Device Options" open sessions.

  • November UC Newsletter

    The November 2011 installment of the monthly UC @ Illinois Newsletter is now available.