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  • Adding a Lync Profile Picture

    Are some of you wondering how to add a profile picture to your Lync account?  Please check out our instructions on how to do this.

  • February UC Newsletter

    The February 2012 installment of the monthly UC at Illinois Newsletter is now available.

  • ATTENTION Telecom Unit Coordinators & IT Professionals: All LCDS2 Workshops Location Change

    We apologize for the short notice, but circumstances have caused a location change for all the workshops happening this week for LCDS2 Finalization and Submission Consultations.  Instead of the Illini Union, all workshops will be held at the Digital Computer Laboratory Room L410.
  • February 20th Help Desk Consortium- UC Support Session Cancelled

    The Help Desk Consortium- UC Support Session scheduled for Monday, February 20, 2012 at 10 AM has been cancelled. The next session of this kind will be held on Thursday, March 8, 2012 at Library and Information Sciences (GSLIS) building room 126 at 2 PM. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    For a full calendar listing of these sessions and all UC related events, please continue to check the UC Calendar.

  • ATAG Meeting Minutes Ready

    The Academic Telecommunications Advisory Group (ATAG) meets at least twice a month to provide guidance on the implementation of UC at Illinois. January minutes of these meetings are now available.

  • UC at Illinois vs. Existing CITES Services

    On February 13, 2012, CITES activated individual campus users (based on unit/department provided information) on the Unified Communications Voice component, which is called Microsoft Lync. Some campus users are interested in what this will mean for some of the existing CITES Services.

  • Changes to user lookups in Lync

    We have made changes to the way users can be looked up in Lync based on user feedback. In the past, if you typed a campus phone number in "Find a contact or dial a number" search box, it would match all users who reported that number as their office phone in Nessie/Banner, regardless of whether those users were Lync enabled or not. Now, the campus number should match only one user (from the Lync address book) if

    1. They are Lync enabled AND

    2. Their self-reported office phone in Nessie/Banner matches their Lync phone number

    You can still dial the number if there is no match to a user and you can still lookup any Lync enabled user by name, NetID or email address.

    Original problem:

    When entering a number manually, searching for a name, making a call or receiving a call, the name that shows up is inaccurate. This is caused by several users reporting the same phone number in Banner/Nessie or retirees and people who have left the University still have a phone number listed in Banner/Nessie, as the Lync Address Book was displaying a user's self-reported phone (via Nessie) as their "work" number in Lync.

    It will also create problems when we activate department main lines or group numbers in Lync, as it would expose the users who answer those lines and can get called directly.


    With the changes made, when entering a campus number in the search box, the search result should match only one user if that user/phone number is Lync enabled and their self-reported office phone in Nessie/Banner matches their Lync phone number. If there is no match, you can still dial the number. Name, NetID or email address lookups should still work for all Lync enabled users. The advantages of these changes are

    1) When you type a phone number in Lync, you should only get one match. If it was a response group (eg. group number), you don't see the users that are part of that response group

    2) When making a call or receiving a call, the name that shows up, if available, is accurate

    3) A user's private number will not be exposed in their contact card in Lync

    Questions/comments can be directed to consult@illinois.edu

  • Lync Advanced Features Event Video and Slides Posted

    Yesterday we hosted the Lync Advanced Features Event for Telecom Coordinators and IT Professionals.  We gave a brief overview of the LCDS2 (Lync Census Data Spreadsheet 2) process and the general timeline.  Please view the video and slides below.