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  • Changes to Admitted Student's NetID and Email Claiming

    Two major changes are being implemented to the student netid claim process on Saturday, November 17, 2012.

  • UC Voice Music on Hold Currently Disabled for Windows Clients

    A bug has been severely affecting users putting callers from the public telephone network on hold. This issue caused the caller to be disconnected unexpectedly.

  • Information on the Second Telephone Migration Wave

    CITES has a second telephone migration scheduled for the beginning of next semester. The migration process involves CITES working with our Centrex telecom provider to move lines from Centrex lines to our Microsoft Lync system; each time we initiate this process with our telecom provider, their process involves at least a three month cycle to process migrations. Thus, CITES will be processing phone number migrations once a semester. Additionally, each time CITES initiates a migration, it can only be for either voice phone numbers or fax phone numbers.

    Next semester's migration will be a voice number migration, thus we will be solely dealing with Centrex numbers used for voice communications that need to be migrated to the Microsoft Lync System.