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  • Lync response group outage

    Earlier this morning, Wednesday March 6th, 2013, between 5:30am and 9:15am, all Lync response groups were unable to receive calls. Response groups are used in many front office settings for departments on campus. The cause of the problem has been narrowed down to an unscheduled campus firewall reboot this morning that affected Lync response group service from communicating with each other between data centers in Urbana and Chicago. Response group service did not recover gracefully after the firewall reboot and manual intervention was required to fix the issue.

  • Mac Lync client now supports most USB devices

    Microsoft released a Mac Lync client update (14.0.4) in February, 2013 that enables many functions that were previously unavailable with USB devices on Lync for Mac 2011. Please visit http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=36517 to update your system if you are not running version 14.0.4.