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  • Diversity and Strategic Human Capital

    What makes diversity so great is:
    The value that comes from bringing together a diverse talent pool. The multifaceted approach and goal fufillment to diversity and inclusion is priceless to an organization. When an organization seeks diversity, the result is usually a net gain in diverse skill set. The net gain in diverse skill set lead to various paths of innovation. Without diversity and inclusion it will be challenging for a company to sustain a competitive edge in today’s market place. Moreover, it will be difficult for an organization to fulfill its domestic and global growth initiatives.

    I have learned that proper planning as it relates to human capital is a strategic role. The strategy should include past, present and future planning of its employees and their placement throughout the organization. Further, the organization should offer some value to the employees in order to avoid gaps and disconnects in retention and attrition.

    The diversity workshop facilitated by an EMBA 2013 classmate (Aries Davis) was an important and meaningful event. In addition to a packed house, the content and panelists were excellent. The UIUC EMBA program should be commended on the effort and approval of such a workshop. It just goes to show that diversity is not an interloper, it is necessary in all organizations. Those organizations that chose not to embrace and welcome the challenges of diversity will become stagnant and perhaps irrelevant.

    Below are some links to information that discuss strategic human capital and diversity and inclusion:





    The world is interconnected on a global platform and that platform is comprised of all peoples. Thus, to find talent that is diverse will enable an organization to move forward and succeed in its growth strategy (s).  Kudos to those organizations that “Get it”.

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