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  • Diversity and Inclusion

    There are few things that really bother me as it relates to business. That thing is closed mindedness. Don’t be a company that views diversity as a threat in your organization. Diversity can make your organization Better. In business, companies cannot afford to be exclusionary. If the American Corporation is to stay profitable and innovative, there must be inclusion at the decision making table. Additionally, there must be diversity in skill set throughout the organization.

  • Innovation

    Innovative Leadership involves balancing multiple perspectives while dealing with uncertainty. While synergy and inclusion is of paramount importance, leadership must facilitate how ideas are brought together… thus, broadening the range of ideas. Additionally, an effective leader recognizes change is inevitable and innovation is the dynamic that will keep a company moving forward. Stagnation comes about when an organizations culture never changes. Surprisingly, an organizations core support mechanism is driven by complacency and comfort. In other words, don’t rock the boat.

  • Calling all Entrepreneurs!

    This module is for you.
    This particular module is a virtual candy store for students who are looking at starting a business or partnering with an existing firm. Moreover, there may be some of you who are contemplating the cost/benefits of starting or running a business. If this is the case, you will be immersed in an environment of creativity, objectivity and astute business planning.

  • Looking Forward to Something 'New'

    Well, it’s almost been a year with my team and we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We are friendly but our dynamic of working together …not so good. What is the upside, we will remain good associates but we will be moving on to a new project with some different people. The other ‘New’ is the China Capstone project! This is our chance to put all that we have learned thus far and interject some real life work experience in the project dynamic and make it a success.

  • Stress and Module 5

    I’ve always known the ramifications and implications of living a stress filled life. As a result of being enrolled in three classes (the norm is two per module), I can tell you first hand; stress can make or break you.

  • Immersion Weekend

    Let me start by stating, I have been waiting for this immersion weekend for months.  For starters, I love my home campus so much so that I keep an apartment there, I love the ARC (the rec center), Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, The Quad, Rosati’s pizza and yes, Papa Del’s…so you get my drift right? My old apartment building (almost 29 years ago) was located at 910 W. California which is now the Alice Campbell Alumni Center! Well, back to immersion weekend. I missed it. I was unable to attend. Can you believe it?

  • Numbers and Methodology

    Ok, here I sit in Process Management and Financial Accounting and it dawns on me that the two courses actually do have some bearing one to another. Undoubtedly, the association between the two courses is numbers and methodology. While I understand (conceptually) how to manage to a process and account for what has gone into the process, I never would have arrived at my conclusion in such a methodical way. What I know to be true is; the classes are shedding some light on reality and making sense of what I thought was nonsense. Word to the wise, if you do not have an innate sense of business genius, you had better pay attention in these classes. This may sound remedial and elementary but, if you pay attention, you will be better.

  • Welcome Back DeBrock!

    Just when I thought our class would not hear from our Economics Professor anytime soon, he resurfaced. Professor Lawrence DeBrock is the Dean of the College of Business and a very busy man. So, naturally I made the assumption that after teaching our EMBA class (2013) he was attending to other such important affairs and had moved on.

  • Information.Innovation.Inspiration

    The EMBA presented an Executive Leadership presentation (Idea to Enterprise) on February 17, 2012. If you were there, you gained some valued information and had a great opportunity to build your business network. If you missed the event, by all means make sure you attend a future event. The presentation was held at the Illini Center in Chicago with a full house of graduating class(s) 2012 and 2013, Alumni, many Special Guests and Potential Students for class of 2014! It was a night to remember.

  • Reflections of my first semester

    Now that first semester is over, I can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for now. I have found this program to be academically stimulating and at times intense. The instructors come to this program with credentials that are quite impressive. My classmates are from all walks of life representing industries such as Health Care, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Banking, Insurance, Sales and Marketing, Real Estate, Business Consulting, Legal, and Small Business Start Ups. The diversity in skill set enables a unique learning environment and some very unique perspectives. I call our class, The 2013 EMBA Think Tank.