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  • $1,000 dollars to take Illini Tower lease over

    Incoming freshman, decided that living with students in the same program would be better for his academic success. Willing to pay 1,000 dollars if someone would like to take over his lease at Illini Tower.

  • Freshman Housing

    Any input on choosing public housing? Our son is will be a freshman engineering major in the fall of 2011. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with U of I dorms they would like to share? Thanks!

  • $1,000 to take Illini Tower lease over

    I am offering $1,000 incentive for anyone willing to take my sons lease over at the Illini Towers next fall. He is currently a freshman at U of I(2010-2011) and resides in the Illini Towers. In January of this year, he decided to renew his lease at Illini Towers for next year (2011-2012). Subsequent to that time, he was asked to move into an apartment with friends, however, there is no reciprocity between certified housing (Illini Towers) and the new apartment. So Illini Towers is not required to let him out of his lease. However, they did state that if he finds someone to enter into a lease with Illini Towers and in essence take his place, that they will let him out of the lease. So we just thought we would see if there are any parents who have a student that is looking at Illini Towers as their housing choice for next year. If so, and they have not yet signed anything with Illini Towers and would be willing to allow my son to submit their name as his replacement please contact me via email at or call me, Craig Webb at 715 723 1435.