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  • Need Hotel room for Dad's weekend

    If anyone has a hotel reservation that they cannot use for Dad's weekend, please let me know...I dropped the ball and forgot to reserve a room!  Thanks, Bob Motta.  I can be reached by cell at 630-779-7499 as well as by email.

  • Dads' weekend tickets / hotel room

    Four tickets available for BBQ, football game and American English concert. Also have room at the Homewood Suites for 11/9 and 10.

    contact me at if interested.


  • We need tickets-Dads Pre Game BBQ and Football Game-

    Looking for tickets to BBQ and brunch.   

    Also looking for room for sat night... 

    Looking for 2-4 tickets.   Thank you

  • Dads Weekend bruch/Football tics

    We purchased 3 tickets for the Dad's Weekend brunch/football game and now cannot attend.
    Would like to sell  our 3?
    If interested, please reply to my email.
    Bob Anderson
  • BBQ tickets needed

    Hi i need a ticket for the dads day bbq. Please email me if your selling!


    I need 4 tickets for dads weekend game, nov. 10th. please email me with any number you may have

    thanks !

  • Need BBQ tickets


    We'll be buying our own tickets for the game. Does anyone have BBQ tickets to sell. There are two of us.



  • Need Dads Weekend tickets

    I'm looking to buy 4 tickets for the Dads Weekend football game. Please email me if you can sell any, even if it's not 4. thank you!